Unitel is helping the African country of Angola get in touch with the world. Isabel dos Santos is the founder of the communication company. She understands how essential technology is in today’s business world. Many farm, shop, and business owners in Angola can now get access to the internet because of Unitel’s services. The company is putting in cable, which will allow users to access the World Wide Web.

The CEO, Isabel dos Santos, is an engineer. Because of her engineering and leadership skills, she was able to see a vision for Unitel and then carry it out. Dos Santos was educated in the UK, but her heart and home are in Angola. The difference between London and some rural areas of Angola are stark, but with the help of cable, the rural communities can integrate some modern world features.

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Isabel dos Santos never wants to take away the beauty of Angola, their rich traditions, and culture, but rather, she wants to enhance individual lives and bring in education and commerce. Having internet access in Angola can help teachers learn from others, and then they can bring in that knowledge to their students. It can also improve medical treatments and help healthcare providers receive continuing education.

Isabel dos Santos sees Angola as a beautiful country that has many unique gifts to offer the world. Unitel can help the world find Angola, and Angolan entrepreneurs find the world. Banking transactions can now be completed over the net, and business owners can look for employees, find new manufacturers, and apply for credit.

Along with cable, Unitel brought in phone service. This is another necessity if entrepreneurs want to operate on a global level. Not everyone uses it for work. Families can use it to stay in touch, and it can help people who want to move in or out of Angola find work and a place to live.

Isabel dos Santos shared with European leaders in a parliament session how she was working to improve her homeland. Her goals are to give access to people who want and need it while increasing commerce, education, and quality of life for all Angolans.

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