When pundits talk about money, it’s usually in economic terms that are very concerned with the fate of a currency and not so much the options made available to people. This can confuse what is and isn’t possible in large and developed countries like China and Canada, and overlook the potential of smaller countries like Angola. For Angolan business icon Isabel dos Santos, Africa’s wealthiest woman, changing the conversation can impact the economy. What impact can business have on a person? Well, the more businesses succeed in a region, the more the currency appreciates in value, the more wages rise, and the more options people have to live their lives.

According to Isabel dos Santos has influenced the business landscape in Angola by increasing the number of women in the workforce there. Many businesses have limited the number of women they hire, and certainly kept them away from positions of influence. She places women in their leadership roles, both to inspire more women to join their ranks and to change the culture of business in the country. Economies tend to grow when more people participate. Isabel dos Santos has likened the economy to the material result of many people working towards an end goal. For Angola’s business sector, recent years have rewarded companies with more women with growth. Those that excluded women have found it hard to keep up.

But a successful business can’t survive alone. It needs proper infrastructure in order to get what it needs to meet the demands of their customers. Countries across Africa are working through challenges that can limit how fast goods make it to them. Distribution drops and people become disinterested in what businesses can accomplish. Isabel dos Santos has been a part of Angola’s information infrastructure for a number of years. She’s arguably best known for her executive position in Unitel. It’s the mobile services company of choice in Angola. By installing fiber optic cable, she’s also taken part in bolstering internet connections, both in the city and out in the country. A graduate of King’s College, Isabel dos Santos developed a deep interest in technology while studying electrical engineering. It can be a catalyst for change, inviting new industries to arise, giving more people the opportunity to participate and help the economy grow.

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