Isabel Dos Santos is the richest woman in Africa, and she is planning to use her money to invest in many new technologies and businesses on the continent. She wants to use her money to invest in companies that can create better technology, offer services to the public, and provide jobs. She has been investing for a long period of time where she has ascended to the board of directors of several companies. Plus, she has the public persona that makes it easy for her to invest. Visit her facebook to learn more about her platforms.

  1. How Did She Start?

Isabel Dos Santos started in investment with the money from her family’s oil businesses that were grown over along period of time in Angola. She has taken the mantle from her parents, and she is the public face of a very successful family in Africa. She is championing many efforts to help women start their own businesses, and she often talks about what it means to help Africa grow as a woman.

  1. Championing Women

Isabel Dos Santos wants to be sure. That women in Africa have a chance to start businesses and make their own money. She wants these women to take examples from the work that she has done. She is putting money into charities that are making it easy for people to start their companies or grow their communities. She wants women to learn how they can change their communities, or she wants them to go into investment like she has. This is a very simple way for women to shift the way that they think, and they can use Isabel as a role model because she invests in diverse things.

  1. Technology

Isabel Dos Santos is investing in technology in Africa because she wants people to have a cell signal, get jobs in engineering, and see these companies grow in Africa. Her investments make it possible fort he economy to grow, and she is pushing hard for some of these companies to help with education of kids in Africa.

  1. Conclusion

Isabel Dos Santos is one of the richest people in the world, and she has a plan to support women and business in Africa.