Igor Cornelsen is one of the big names in the investment industry today. He founded and worked at the Bainbridge Inc. giving guidance to passionate investors as to where and when to invest their money. Before becoming successful and running his own firm, Igor Cornelsen dreamt about becoming an engineer. He was born in Curitiba, Brazil, on 4th of November 1947. He joined the Federal University of Parana to study Engineering, which was a great accomplishment because the competition was too high to get there as it was the only university in that state, but he dropped out after only two years and joined the economics department. He had exceptional skills at compound interest calculating, which was in demand at that time because the use of calculators was rare.

Igor Cornelsen started his career in 1974 by joining the Multibanco as an Investment Banker. His experience at Multibanco was good, and he attained the position of CEO after working for just two years. Although, when the Bank of America bought the company, he was offered to stay there but he declined and decided to join Unibanco, a Brazilian Investment Firm. Igor Cornelsen then joined the London Merchant Bank as the Investment Advisor after leaving Unibanco. The London Merchant Bank later changed to the Libra Bank PLC. Time spent at the Libra Bank was seven years and was a success for Igor Cornelsen. He was appointed as one of the Board of Directors there and also as a representative in Brazil of the firm.

After attaining all that success and experiences in investment banking throughout his life, he decided to open his own company, the Bainbridge Investment Inc. in 1995. The reason Igor Cornelsen is widely known in the investment business is because unlike most investors he mostly invests in stocks.