Football has over the years become a worldwide sensation. With the world not only learning the names of the people who play the sports but also the owners of the club as well. One popular name in the football world is Gino Pozzo. He owns the Watford Football Club that is located in England. Gino continues to be the most popular and talked about football figures in the European football scene today. His love for the sport has earned him an impeccable reputation for acquiring lower-division clubs and taking them to the top leagues in every one of their home countries.

His love for football started at an early age, and this was because his parents were also football fans. Gianpaolo and Giuliana Pozzo loved football, they even had relatives who were former heads of famous football clubs, and this helped the family maintain their unwavering loyalty to the sport and the Udinese football club from one generation to another. When Gizo Pozzo was 18 years, he moved to the United States to study. After earning his Masters from Harvard University, his journey to becoming a football club owner began. Once he married, he went ahead to relocate to Spain and spent 20 years living in Barcelona.

He later moved to London in 2013 with his family. This move enabled him to be more involved with is then acquired football club. The move further helped establish his legacy and passion in the football world. However, despite having a long history being a football family. The Pozzo family did not start by immediately owning football clubs. They were involved in the woodworking industry, and this business enabled them to not only own football clubs but also manage and own an electrical appliance business. This was the start of a legacy for the Pozzo family.