Gareth Henry is a math geek with a vast experience in the private credit sector. He gained all his experience after working with many alternative investment companies that are all based in the United States. Examples of companies that Gareth Henry has worked in include the Fortress Investment Group where he served as the Global head of the company’s international investments, Schroders where he played the role of the director of strategic solutions among many other companies. During the time that Gareth has worked for all these companies, he has brought many improvements using vast knowledge with numbers. He has been able to assist the company to cut various losses and increase sales that have led to the company earning superior returns.

How Gareth became an expert in the Credit Sector

Gareth Henry has revealed in several occasions that he began to develop interests in the credit sector after realizing that finance and mathematics were related in so many ways and the moment he developed a deep understanding of economics and risk management he became totally trapped in the credit sector. He also learned that the private credit sector involved toying around with numbers and developing perfect ways of managing risks. He has also stated that he has always been different from other employees because of his interest in talking to clients about their investments for a long time. According to Gareth Henry talking to clients gives you a chance to understand what the investor is planning to do with the money hence getting an opportunity to evaluate the chances of paying back.

When Henry was asked during one of his interviews about how his typical day looked like, he answered by stating that he spent a better part of his day talking with clients through the phone or face to face. He also added that he always believe that he cannot assist any client before fully understanding his or her needs or if the client needs shall not benefit the company he works for in any way. Gareth has been able to assist thousands of clients throughout his career.

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