Generation Z consumers everywhere have continuously raved about the intensely bold colors of Lime Crime, a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics company based in Los Angeles, California. The company is owned and led by Doe Deere, a popular internet personality that turned her unique makeup ideas into a multi-million dollar company. Doe Deere was born and raised in a large city in Russia and moved to New York City by the time she turned 17 years old. She initially moved to further her education at the Fashion Institute of Technology and pursued courses for fashion design and illustration. She decided that it wasn’t for her and dropped out after several semesters.


Doe Deere soon started to design her own clothing and created adorable lolita style dresses, alternative t-shirts and fashionable accessories. Her clothing line Lime Crime was the first use of her brand name and the brand itself eventually became popularized after the second wave of her cosmetics had hit the shelves. Deere had developed entrepreneur tendencies when she was just 13 years old. She recalled that she would purchase rub-off tattoos really cheap while living in Russia and would sell them in her school at a very profitable price. She would show off the temporary tattoos on herself and made them look as cool as possible and surely enough, they sold out fast. Deere still adopts this marketing strategy before she releases any new item from Lime Crime’s beauty products.


Deere went into the makeup industry after experimenting with mixing her own makeup colors and displaying the finished look on her blog and social media pages. The lipstick colors were very unconventional and impossible to find by any other brand at the time. Now, nearly every mainstream brand has joined the alternative bandwagon and released their own wild lip colors. Thus, these huge makeup brands have still missed the mark when it comes to creativity and that is where Lime Crime truly shines. Lime Crime’s magical blue-hued Unicorn Lipstick became an instant hit and its pastel and opalescent liquid lip paints also quickly grew in popularity shortly after they launched.