¬†Gustavo Martinez has spent almost four decades in the marketing and advertising industry. During that time, he’s seen quite a few marketing trends come and go; furthermore, he’s gained an extensive amount of knowledge about how to be successful in the industry.

Throughout this time, he’s been behind a variety of iconic ads that have become pop-culture touchstones. He’s also served as the CEO J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, and served as President of a few notable global marketing firms; the biggest of these have been McCann Worldgroup, Olgilvy, and Mather.

Before any of these roles, however, he began making his name in the likes of Henkel and Price Waterhouse. Because of these positions, as well as how long he’s been in the industry, Gustavo Martinez has come across a few notable trends in the marketing industry. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

Chief among these have been a variety of trends that have come and gone, with very few of them sticking. One of the current ones that are exciting Mr. Martinez, however, has been the ever-increasing Internet of Things. This is because Gustavo Martinez believes that it could open up a range of new marketing ideas and strategies for his clients.

As an example, Mr. Martinez used ice-cream. By properly utilizing the Internet of Things, marketing specialists and brands will be able to determine when people are most likely to run low on ice-cream and thus advertise their brand then.

As Gustavo Martinez noted, if done correctly this could be something that pays off dividends for brands. By combining it with other features, brands will be able to enable purchase and delivery all without a customer having to leave their fridge. Because of that, the Internet of Things can end up having quite a substantial impact on marketing and retail over the long term.

However, Mr. Martinez has noted that like many other marketing forms, this will require a few key traits to pull off well. When asked what entrepreneurs need to make their marketing successful, Gustavo Martinez always points to creativity.

This is because he often says that it’s the raw material from which all marketing campaigns are created. Because of this, Mr. Martinez has said that it’s vital to ensure an atmosphere of creativity in the workplace, which can end up having a significant impact on the quality of your marketing.

In his own companies, Gustavo Martinez has accomplished this by pushing for diversity of thought, background, and experience among all of his team. With this, he’s able to get a range of more ideas and perspectives that can end up helping provide the spark needed for a campaign. As such, they can help improve a teams overall creativity and productivity with their marketing strategies.

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