Guilherme Paulus is well known for his investment in the GJP Hotels and Resorts and for being a leader at CVC Brasil. His years of experience as an entrepreneur have led to being recognized as one of the most influential personalities in Brazil.

He states in of his interviews that he began as an intern at IBM and it did not take him long to realize that he wanted to be a business owner where he started his first hotel. His success is evident since GJP Hotels and Resorts have expanded to over twenty branches and are a very profitable venture. Read more interviews of Guilherme Paulus at

Guilherme Paulus acknowledges the impact that partnership in business helped him in the early years. It is imperative to note that he was always motivated to bring change in the industry which earned him favor with the investors. Once he accumulated enough financing, the determined entrepreneur ventured into his own business and watched as it morphed into its current success level.

He maintains a positive attitude where he states that his days start with gratitude. This is an admirable trait which inspires readers and aspiring entrepreneurs to remain optimistic in their business ventures. He is also organized and plans his tasks ahead of time which contributes to his overall success levels.

Faith plays a vital role in the life of Guilherme Paulus where he states that business is often uncertain hence require optimism. He further attributes the success of the hotel to his ability to interact with his employees.

This is because the hotel industry is heavily reliant on customer service hence motivating employee’s results in increased profit margins. Despite the expansion strategy, Guilherme Paulus has adapted, he continuously ensures that he remains in touch with daily business operations. He hopes that young entrepreneurs are more willing to take advice from the experienced to avoid making mistakes as he did in his early years.

Guilherme Paulus is a business strategist who quickly identifies the direction of the company. He advocated for flight charters to inspire Brazilians to shift to air travel which often translates to more clientele in his business in different geographic locations. He remains passionate about his business and daily operations and advocates for investing.

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