George Soros has a reputation of a billionaire, investor, philanthropist, social activist, a free thinker, etc. His contributions always hit the headlines due to its purpose as Soros contributes to what he believes right. He is an aggressive fighter against all the odds in the society and politics and even dared to challenge two U.S. Presidents. In 2004 Presidential election, Soros spent at least $27 million to defeat George W. Bush and actively campaigned against him due to the Iraq war and the policies of Bush administration. Later, he declared that he would not make heavy political contributions and would focus more on his philanthropic activities. However, Soros decided to make a spending spree again in 2016 Presidential election as he felt the policies of Donald Trump was not comprising the ground realities and not representing the American Society. Soros was deeply upset with the division created by the campaign of Trump in the society, and he donated at least $25 million to the campaign of Hillary Clinton.

Being a Holocaust survivor, he has high regards to the oppressed in the society, and his works are mainly targeting the uplift of the last section of the society. Soros has the concept of a free society with which people from every section have no restriction on what they wanted to do according to their mind. George Soros objects all sorts of discrimination according to race, sex, age, language, etc. as he believes that creating bridges in human minds can create disastrous effects in various communities. This is the prime reason he opposed Donald Trump as Soros thinks that the deep divisions created in the society are highly destructive in the long term. Soros is also actively involving in various issues around the world including defending human rights, channeling the democratic evolution in Eastern Europe, education and healthcare initiatives to increase the accessibility to the common people, etc. His contributions are standing at a whopping $13 billion in the last three decades. Learn more about George at Biography.

The family of Soros is from Hungary, and they migrated to London after Second World War. Soros completed his education from London School of Economics. During the period, George Soros was influenced by the ideas of Viennese philosopher Karl Popper and his ideas of open societies. George Soros started his career as a Stock Broker at Singer and Friedlander, and four years later, he relocated to New York and became a trader on Wall Street. In 1969, he established “Double Eagle Fund” with a capital of $4 million. The firm is transformed during the course, and now it is known as Soros Fund Management. Soros is an active advocate of open societies, and his open society foundations are actively involved in more than 70 countries around the world.

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