People have said that small businesses are the backbone of the United States. The people who start these businesses are entrepreneurs. This can be a risky venture as not every business will succeed; however, those who have creativity, passion, drive, and the right funding are more likely to survive in the long run. Of course, it can be a challenge for people to find someone who is willing to fund their business. Their company can only survive on the personal savings of the founder for so long. This is where the CEO of James River Capital, Paul Saunders, can provide some assistance.


James River Capital is a successful asset trading advisor with the SEC. The business was founded close to 25 years ago and now is one of the leading finance companies in the world. Using both his education and experience, Paul Saunders advises individuals and companies on issues such as corporate credit, corporate equity, and trading. He understands that people might have trouble figuring out how to fund a new business idea. One possible source of funding comes from something called crowdfunding.

This is a relatively new way for people to fund their business; however, it involves a large number of people all contributing various levels of money. Some people might only give a few dollars while others might give more. There are numerous platforms out there which can help people start a crowdfunding campaign. Another nice benefit is that the people who contribute their money through this crowdfunding method are not expecting to get their money back; however, a free T-shirt might be nice. 

Furthermore, if the company gives away things like T-shirts, mugs, caps, and keychains to people who contribute, these items double as marketing, helping to spread the word. An effective crowdfunding campaign will need to leverage the idea of social media to raise awareness; however, this can be a great way to get a business going.