By: David Keith


PPP stands for Public Private Partnerships. These partnerships are the way Felipe Montoro Jens handles a wide range of infrastructure projects in Brazil. He also uses his experience and contacts to consult and link the government of Brazil with private businesses to take on infrastructure projects that come along.

Felipe Montoro Jens has garnered a wonderful reputation and made these contacts by holding multiple seats and multiple positions on the boards of many companies in Brazil. In so doing he has become the man of many hats. This has led to many opportunities which allow him to consult for companies all over the world. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

When Felipe Montoro Jens is consulted he is looking to see where a person, business, or government is being fiscally wasteful. He looks for strategic ways to rip that away and find ways for the client to be more efficient and in turn more profitable. Because of his many years of experience and the contacts he has procured. He is sought after to make the decisions that are needed to be made to keep his clients efficient and focused. Working with heavyweights such as Enel, Brazkem, and Price Waterhouse Cooper has allowed Felipe Montoro Jens to flex his international muscles which allowed him to experience different markets and garner new relationships for him to build upon.

The work that really shows Felipe Montoro Jens artistry is in the realm of infrastructure on a grand scale. Working with the Brazilian government cleaning up the financial waste that results in governmental spending. His ability to wear the many hats that his experience and knowledge affords him to wear, along with the many contacts that he has acquired over the years allows him to attack any situation with PPP as his weapon of choice.