One of the primary reasons why common people have lost the interest in politics, in general, is because the prevailing notion is that the government anyways cares only for the rich and the wealthy. Every election, the politicians come and promise a lot, but do nothing at all. It is a story that is being repeated for many years. One of the reasons why the politics, as well as politicians, have become so corrupted is because the amount of money flowing into the elections is unaccountable and just way too much. The corporate companies are using their money to influence the politicians as well as manipulate the voters, and which is a trick that has been working fine for many years. However, lately, the awareness among the people has been rising, and they are speaking against the use of corporate money in politics.

ECU is what has influenced many politicians who are also pledging to stop using the corporate money, and only run their election campaign through the grassroots donations. One of the grassroots funded PAC that has been actively trying to overturn the Supreme Court verdict of 2010 in the Citizens United lawsuit is End Citizens United. It is PAC that has been seeking to constitutionally protest as well as overturn the Supreme Court decision so that the amount of money the corporate companies and wealthy individuals put into the elections to back their favorite politicians have some amount of accountability according to At present, there is no limit on how much individuals and enterprises can spend on elections. It has become a massive issue in the country, as it is causing the public to mistrust the politicians who are supported by corporate companies.

It is essential that the politicians participate in the elections in a neutral fashion and does not use vast amounts of money in the way they run their election campaigns. It becomes more of a glamorous affair and destroys the integrity of the elections as such because the flow of money has the potential to manipulate the voters. Recently, many of the politicians have been pledging to stop using the corporate cash. Two of the most recent politicians who decided they wouldn’t be accepting Corporate PAC backed money are Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker, who is also much appreciated by End Citizens United for their decision. They are endorsed by End Citizens United for denouncing Corporate PAC. With time, ECU believes that more and more politicians would join the race to end the use of Big Money in politics. It would help make the politics a clean patriotic affair it once was. End Citizens United hopes to spread the awareness across the country to every nook and corner in the coming times.

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