Good people know that it does not pay to stay stagnant within any industry. Good people also know that good people don’t rest on their wins of yesterday, they go ahead and prioritize for the future. Because they do this, they can find success where other people don’t. Good people don’t compromise on their principles and values because there is down round at the current moment, good people keep pressing forward, they keep fighting and learning despite their position with the industry at the current moment.

This is why good people are treasured and are valued within any industry. They matter and help to move the needle in more ways than one. Ferrari didn’t get to where they were because they strived to be subpar, no, they are respected within the car industry because they strive for excellence in every aspect of their presentation.

Ferrari is not a car company, it is a company, it is a luxury oriented company. Ferrari doesn’t just act and look like a luxury company it is present in the companies financials as well.

The proof is in the pudding.

Professionals such as Edwin Miranda understand that the proof is in the pudding. He has spent a good portion of his adult life focusing on being the best he can be within his industry. He knows that he can only do this by being around the best people, thinking in a different manner, and just like Ferrari, striving for excellence in everything that he does.

He understands that he has to have stellar presentation and great services. As a marketer who cares about long term profit streams, he prioritizes long-term relationships and being the best that he can be in his endeavors.

He didn’t just wake up one day and find himself in the digital marketing sector, he had a vision and he chased in a rigorous manner over time. He thought about marketing when he was 21 and saw that there was a better way forward, he didn’t give up on his vision and took the right steps to be where he wanted to be.

He prioritizes return on investment by having specific rules to how he spends his time and money. As such, he is able to see demand that is present across seasons and fantastic returns on time.

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