The healthcare industry in the United States is a massive segment of the total economy which spends more than $9,200 per person annually creating a $3 trillion industry.

And yet, outcomes for individuals who enter the healthcare system are often inferior to other modern nations which spend less than half as much per person. Total expenditures in other nations are also a mere fraction of what the U.S.system generates.

Millions of people still find it nearly impossible to obtain viable healthcare insurance. Delivery of services is extremely uneven depending on geographic location, social class and other factors.

One of the major areas that gum up the healthcare system is a tangled bureaucracy, tons of paperwork and highly inefficient medical records keeping methodology.

It’s problems like these that IT healthcare entrepreneur Drew Madden works on every day. While the challenge to update and streamline the American medical system is massive, Drew Madden relishes the daily challenge of finding a better way to get things done.

Madden graduated from the University of Iowa College of Engineering and began his career at the Cerner Corporation. He joined Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010. Nordic is the largest Epic consulting company in the world. Drew Madden served as president of Nordic from 2011 to 2016 and oversaw spectacular growth of the organization. Under Madden, Nordic grew from a $1 million annual business to more than $130 million.

Drew Madden is keen on building workforces that function at high, optimum levels within a robust company culture that stimulates growth and innovation. Madden is always looking for ways to make things simpler, faster and more efficient — something the staggering U.S. healthcare system needs a lot more of if it is to remain tenable for millions of Americans in coming years.

Drew Madden also tends to focus on building trust in terms of client relationships. That’s important in a system that is deeply rooted in political drama and the ever-shifting sands of public policy. Drew Madden evisions an American healthcare system that remains a free market entity while also providing high quality care for every citizen of the nation.