The United States is a very big market for cosmetic surgery, and this country has thousands of cosmetic surgeons. Sameer Jejurikar, M.D., has earned a good living from working in this particular field. This man has dedicated his professional career to improving the appearance of others. This board-certified cosmetic surgeon has more than 20 years in the game, and he has built a solid list of happy clients. Dr. Jejurikar has won multiple industry-related awards throughout the years. The Most Compassionate Doctor Award is one of his favorites because has exceeded the expectations of his many patients.

So, what areas of specialty does he work in? Dr. Jejurikar can provide cosmetic services for a number of body parts, including the skin, face, eyes and breast. One of his specialties is the Brazilian butt lift. As the number of procedures increase, the rise of complications tend to follow. Dr. Jejurikar has assembled a medical task force for coming up with solutions in medical aesthetics. The Multi-Societal Fat Grafting Task Force is composed of a team of board-certified cosmetic surgeons. This team spends a lot of time brain storming for new solutions. Jejurikar takes things to another level by speaking at various medical conferences worldwide.

This man can also be seen as a entrepreneur. Dr. Jejurikar has started his very own line of skincare products. These products provide anti-aging benefits, and they’re loaded with beneficial ingredients that have a history of producing great results. As you can see, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is blazing a new path in cosmetic surgery, and he will continue to use his craft to create works of art.