Dr. Saad is a retired pediatric surgeon who has had many accomplishments throughout his career. He spent most of his career in Eatontown, New Jersey. Altogether he has over 45 years of experience in the field. Dr. Saad has made a significant difference in every aspect of his career. From graduating from Cairo University Medical school as Salutatorian of his class to being the only United States board-certified pediatric surgeon fluent in Arabic and English. He is by far a role model of success. Dr. Saad has also worked for the Royal Family of Saudi Arabia. During that time, he was able to make a difference by helping the children of the community. However, his success didn’t stop there. Upon returning to the states, Dr. Saad wanted to find a way to enhance the surgical experiences of his patients.


That’s when he created two devices that accomplished just that. Doctors can perform surgeries in a safer manner that utilizes time and effort more efficiently with these devices. Dr. Saad’s first invention is the Catheter with that utilizes electromagnetic wires so that it can be located without an X-ray. It is an exciting invention as it instills wires inside of the catheter so that it can be easily located with an external scanning device. Ordinary catheters require an X-ray to be found. In the case that the patient needs multiple X-rays, the risk increases for exposure to unsafe amounts of radiation. Dr. Saad’s catheter eliminates the need for X-rays. The catheter can easily be found by scanning the individual’s body. Once the scanner directly lines up with the catheter, a light comes on.


If that wasn’t innovating enough, Dr. Saad then created the endoscope with multiple attachments that gives the doctor the ability to clean it during the patient’s operation. It solved a huge problem in the operating room. Regular endoscopes can become hazy as the body produces fluid. When this happens, surgeons have to remove the endoscope, clean it, and then reinsert it. The process takes time. Not to mention, a hazy endoscope interferes with the doctor’s ability to see clearly. That’s where Dr. Saad’s invention comes into play. His model gives surgeons the ability to spray clear liquid when the endoscope becomes foggy. Then it uses an anti-fog port that removes the fluid so that surgeons have a clear view. It is by far a great invention. It simplifies the process of cleaning the endoscope. It also takes less time which means that more patients can receive the treatment they need in a shorter amount of time. Just in case you are wondering how useful the inventions are, Dr. Saad has used them thousands of times on his patient’s successfully.