Don Ressler is one of the CEOs at Fabletics. Before he started working here, he was the founder of fitness heaven, a company that was wildly successful. The dream that Don has always had was to create a company that would take advantage of the information age, the advent of the internet and the endless opportunities presented by the World Wide Web. Well, the companies that he has created and developed have so far created a combined income of close to a billion dollars in sales. Besides that, Don Ressler has been able to create a revenue of more than half a million dollars from his web based businesses.

Starting out
Don had the drive for entrepreneurial success right from the time when he was a teenager. It is during this time that he met Adam Goldenberg, the young man who would eventually become a partner in many of his businesses. Goldenberg had just sold his first business, just like Don had done to his company, Fitness heaven. One thing that he wasn’t happy about with the sale was the manner in which his shareholding in the business was being treated. This is the reason he decided to o back to the start and create another business. The shared business ideas have taken them to great heights in entrepreneurship.

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The creation of Just Fab, Inc
Just Fab was created as an online custom design shop. The customer simply goes online, gives specifications about the item that they want to buy and receives the requested item after it has been custom made for them. The main reason they started was to broaden the choices that the consumer has when doing shopping. In a way, when using their platform, customers get to choose exactly what they want.  Since inception, the company has changed its name to Tech Style Fashion Group. Smaller outfits that have been developed from the company include Fabkids, Shoedazzle and Fabletics.

The main aim of creating this company was to eliminate third party involvement in the process. Currently, the market share for their company is quarter of a million dollars. Don Ressler is happy that his company has acquired a partner to grow with and increase their ventures. He states that business partnerships, when handled well, can fuel a lot of positive growth.


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