Doe Deere is the founder of the cult beauty line, Lime Crime. She is a bright and colorful founder and CEO of one of the first online only beauty product lines which features a lot of bright popping colors and an array of any shade any girl would need in their make- up collection. She is from Russia but moved to New York to pursue a career in music originally but was led to make-up when she could not find colorful make up that matched what she wanted. This led her to launch her own make up line two weeks before Halloween in 2008. The self-proclaimed “Queen of the Unicorns”, says she creates make-up for people similar to her, that want to express themselves in similar to her.

In an article for, Savoir Flair, Doe Deere opened up about her morning routine since everybody knows everybody has a different one that leads to success for themselves. Deere says she has built an internal clock that wakes up at exactly 8:30am every morning, so she can successfully receive 9 hours of sleep. Nine hours is the exact amount of time she needs to feel amazing and helps with her clear skin. After waking up, Deere, has a drink of water along with breakfast, which Grits is her favorite. Then she does some yoga stretches to loosen up her body. Next, she checks her calendar which has her life on it and is how she stays on top of things. Doe Deere checks her internal with her employees, so she can stay on top of business. But admits she is constantly on Instagram. When it is time to do her make-up, Deere loves to listen to The Beatles ‘Abby Road’ on vinyl because it was her favorite as a child and it brings back great memories. She says that doing her make up is her favorite time of day a give her the chance to just be with herself and be free. Since she prefers to shower at night, she gets her hair ready for the morning quicker because all the washing and drying happened overnight. So, she leaves the morning to style her signature waves in whatever bright hair color she has, which is now purple. Mornings are made better by the tie she spends with her amazing cats. Then to goes to her office around Noon and starts her day.


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