David McDonald is the current President of OSI Group. OSI Group is a leading private food company that has been in operation since early 2000. Since its inception, OSI Group employee base has grown to 20 000. OSI Group has diversified its operations internationally. In the 2016 research by Forbes about the largest privately owned companies in the United States of America ranked OSI Group at 58 with its net assets worth $6.1 billion.

Growing up as a farm boy taught David the virtue of hard work. Together with his love for Biology and Agriculture ignited his desire to get an education either in the field of Agriculture or Biology. He, therefore, enrolled at the Iowa State University where he pursued a degree in Animal Science. After his graduation, David McDonald began his career journey at a North American Meat Institute as a chairperson before moving to OSI Group.

David McDonald has worked at OSI Group for 30 years. He began as a project manager before maneuvering to the executive position he now holds. David McDonald gained f extensive experience in production logistics in the food industry. He also acquired expert experience from retailers, government agencies and suppliers across different demographics globally.

David McDonald is diligently committed at serving the Iowa community. First, he has signed a memorandum of understanding between OSI Group and Iowa State University Management. The MOU is meant to secure internship opportunities to students from Iowa University. Secondly, he has dedicated himself to support education through the donation of scholarship funds. Lastly, he uses his free time to support the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative at ISU.

Dedication and hard work have seen David win several awards. He won the Young Alumni Award in 2004 from the Iowa State University. In 2014, he won the award as an Emerging Philanthropist from ISU. Lastly, he awarded for being an outstanding figure in serving the community and excelling in academics.

His leadership at OSI Group has seen tremendous expansion with an excess of 65 stalls that have been distributed in 17 countries globally including China. He has also overseen the OSI Group acquire Baho Foods as well as securing flagship in Europe.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/david-mcdonald-a1b1137