As technology continues to advance, the future of accounting also changes. Most professions in the world have been affected by the introduction of advanced technology. Accounting industry expert Dabie Tsai predicts that the evolving cognitive technology will continue being a big driver of change in the field. She says that fascinating developments are taking place in the field of accounting. She specifically cites machine learning as one of the main agents of change in the near future.

Machine learning, in this case, is the creation, development, and employment of AI (artificial intelligence) to automate functions by use of identifiable patterns. It allows computers to read and use data to perform tasks using trial and error. Dabie Tsai worked at KPMG for 23 years and knows for sure that this technology is evolving from repetitive tasks like basic analysis and data entry to advanced predictive/analytical tasks. This means that technology in the future will become more and more efficient.

There is a growing worry that as automation increases in the workplace, there will be a reduced need for employees. However, this is not necessarily the case. Dabie Tsai says that the machines will work on remedial tasks while humans will be given more time to exercise expert judgment. She says that such changes are improvements to the workplace and job satisfaction as a whole.

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