Mike Heiligenstein of the CTRMA: The Central Texas Approach from Central Texas Mobility Authority

Many discussions that happen in the Austin region mainly focus on the beautiful city. Things were, however, very different during the Williamson County Growth Summit that ended recently. The summit was the best opportunity for the leaders to discuss the challenges facing the transport industry in the suburban communities in the city.


The Williamson County Growth Summit was attended by some of the most respected individuals in Austin. Some of these include Mile Heiligenstein, who serves as the executive director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, Leandre John who serves as the Texas External Affairs Director, The founder of the popular organization known as RideScout and many other leaders in the community. Jared Ficklin is a respected transport focused specialist, and he was among the individuals in the summit to offer advice. The event took place at the renowned Sheraton Georgetown Texas Hotel. The leaders come together during the event to discuss how the transportation industry could be improved using the latest technology.


During the important meeting, the leaders mostly focused on the importance of introducing the most recent technology like ridesharing application and driverless cars. According to the experienced leaders, these strategies could transform the transport industry in Austin and the country at large. The region needs to invest more money in the transport sector so that everything can run smoothly in the city. Construction of more and better roads should also be given the top priority.


During the meeting, Mike Heiligenstein stated that he had observed that the Williamson County was doing a great job in structuring the infrastructure, especially in the city for the last decade. He believes that this is not enough because more people are settling in the county, increasing the population every day. Constructing road in the county and also expanding the capabilities of the roads will be the best way to help the vast population in the area. The corridors in the region should also be made smarter, efficient and technically advanced to ensure that there is mobility.


The famous Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is a respected independent government agency that was established several years ago. The Mobility Authority was founded to promote and protect the transportation system, especially in the Williamson and Travis counties in the country. The primary goal of the firm is to implement efficient multi-modal transportation and other innovative services that will help to reduce congestion that is common in the modern roads. The organization has seven members.


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