Copa Star Hospital is an ultramodern facility located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The hospital has 105 rooms, 150 beds, 45 ICUs, 9 operating rooms and a state-of-the-art diagnostic center. Covering 10,000 m² over 5 floors, this new five-star hospital cost over $115 million to build. Copa Star Hospital provides its patients with luxurious accommodations. It’s an extraordinary medical facility in which to recover. One of Brazil’s most modern buildings, the hospital provides world-class treatment. It’s one of the D’Or network’s 22 top-class medical facilities in South America.

Copa Star Hospital not only provides cutting-edge treatment and specialized hospital services, the comfort of and hospitality patients receive is also a high priority. The hospital has well-trained, experienced, staff specializing in some of the most technical fields, yet they take the time to ensure each patient gets the loving, high-quality care they need. Plus the facility is constantly recruiting exceptional talent to ensure every patient receives exceptional care. And while the facility is sterile, it’s also warm, welcoming, accommodating and very attractive.

When it comes to advanced technology and resources, few if any medical facilities in South America can match Copa Star Hospital. The facility is fully-equipped to handle even the most complex cardiac and neurological conditions. It has a top-tier diagnostic center which has the latest MRI machines and smart operating rooms with robotic technology and is equipped with all the industry-standard technologies. Plus there is a staff of over 500 people that are specially trained to deal with any situation that may arise and take the time to answer any question the patients or their loved ones may have. Visit their profile page at

One of the things that Copa Star Hospital has that is unique is its video conferencing technology which keeps patients in touch with their loved ones, their nurses and their doctors. Patients are issued an iPad when they check in to the hospital. The patients can use that iPad to communicate as well as control their environment. It can be used to control the lights, curtains and temperature in their room. They can even see their MRI images using a specialized application that is downloaded on the iPad. Patients can also access live footage from the nearby beach to help them relax.

Hospital Copa Star optimizes the wellness environment by providing spacious suites, comfortable recreational areas, a stylish lobby with a grand piano and artwork by notable Japanese artists and modern, bright dining areas. The medical facility has its food prepared by a world-renowned chef who provides patients and their visitors with endless nutritious, delicious, exquisite dishes. They all combine to create a wonderful, healing environment. It helps to make Copa Star Hospital the best choice for healthcare in Brazil. Visit the site to read more about Copa Star.

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