The more that a teacher can show children that they notice them and that they see their efforts to participate in the classroom, the more likely the children are to try hard. ClassDojo was created to help teachers recognize those children who are raising their hand in class and speaking up.

The app can also help teachers show children that they see them when they are helping out other students and that they are proud of them for that. This app allows teachers of all kinds of students show those students that they are important and that their good behavior will be rewarded. It can be hard for teachers to track the good behavior of their students on their own, but ClassDojo makes that job simple.

Teachers who use a computer in their classroom can have access to ClassDojo and all that the program offers through their computer if that is how they would like to use it. If a teacher does not have a computer in their classroom but they have a tablet or smartphone there, they can use that to access ClassDojo.

This is an app that can be accessed easily and it is something that is simple enough for most teachers to understand. The app has been around for several years now and it is something that is being used often by teachers who are looking for a new way of staying in touch with their students and helping those students know that they are paying attention to them.

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