OSI Group Continues To Grow And Improve Its Offerings As It Acquires Rose Packing Co.

OSI Group continues to expand into new territory as it focuses on improving its offerings in multiple parts of the world. The company recently acquired Rose Packing Co., and its senior executive vice president, Kevin Scott, couldn’t be happier. He commented that the purchase will help to complement what OSI already has to offer to […]

OSI Group: A Leading Food Supplier

While most people are very familiar with fast food companies like McDonalds and Burger King, most people are not familiar with the companies that supply these restaurants. If you have never heard of OSI Group, then you are not alone. While this company may not be as widely known as the companies they supply, it […]

OSI Industries Looks To Expands

Expansion is a definite sign of growth and a successful company. Expansion is one of the greatest visions of a budding company that wants to make a major impact. OSI Industries is one of those companies. From the early beginnings when the company was once formed to where the company is currently today, expansion has […]