Niranjan Shah: The Man Behind Globetrotters Engineering Corporation

Niranjan Shah is the founding partner of the Globetrotters Engineering Corporation as well as the Globetrotters International, Inc., Globetrotters International is a company based in Chicago with a deep interest in engineering, consulting, architectural as well as construction management services. Niranjan Shah was born in India and later moved to the United States to pursue […]

The Academy of Art University Holds 21st Fashion Show

There are big things going on at the Academy of Art University, and that was proved when the school put on its 21st fashion show recently. Putting on a fashion show has become a regular thing for them now, and they were proud to show off a number of men’s and women’s collections of clothing […]

Betsy DeVos Works to Put a Student’s Choice First

Parents have been complaining about it since the very first assignment was brought home. Common core method has drained students and parents by making them memorize answers to math questions on standardized tests. While theorists state that it’s supposed to make students critically think about the questions, the tests have shown the opposite. The United […]