Nina Vaca: A Foundation of Giving

Nina Vaca chooses not to live by profit alone, but this does not mean that she does not work. Vaca has forged ahead to create one of the most recognizable female-owned businesses in the world. She created Pinnacle Group, which matches employers with employees. The company took off, but not without a lot of dedication […]

Isabel dos Santos Contributions to an Economically Stable Africa

Isabel dos Santos is synonymous with brilliant investments across the world. She is one of the few women that continue to redefine the role of women in the world of leadership and investment. In the last decade, she has redefined investments, mentorship, and collaborations in the following ways. First, Isabel dos Santos is a believer […]

3 Reasons Why Jana Messerschmidt Moved to Lightspeed Venture Partners

Changing careers and career paths are common in the corporate world, but different factors influence different people to make these changes. For Jana Messerschmidt, three factors influence her changes decisions. When she was deciding to move to Lightspeed Venture Partners, she considered the following factors. First, Jana Messerschmidt is one of the firm believers that […]

Isabel dos Santos shifts in position on the list of the wealthiest people in Africa

Isabel dos Santos is the most successful Angolan businesswoman. She is also recognized among the most influential leaders in Africa. She is the president of the largest telecommunication company in Africa; Unitel. She has a vast of experience in other fields such as infrastructure, economic developments and introduction of emerging technologies. This has created employment […]

Dabie Tsai Envisions the Future of Accounting

As technology continues to advance, the future of accounting also changes. Most professions in the world have been affected by the introduction of advanced technology. Accounting industry expert Dabie Tsai predicts that the evolving cognitive technology will continue being a big driver of change in the field. She says that fascinating developments are taking place […]