Niranjan Shah: The Man Behind Globetrotters Engineering Corporation

Niranjan Shah is the founding partner of the Globetrotters Engineering Corporation as well as the Globetrotters International, Inc., Globetrotters International is a company based in Chicago with a deep interest in engineering, consulting, architectural as well as construction management services. Niranjan Shah was born in India and later moved to the United States to pursue […]

Moving To The “Windy” City?

 Chicago, the third-largest city in America, and has quite the reputation. Although Los Angeles comes in second with population, Chicago actually has more people crowded per square mile, as it is smaller in size.  It has a reputation for being gangster related, hence Al Capone, and Bloody Valentine’s day, but it also has so much […]

Peter Harris Is Not Afraid Of Taking Risks To Make Money

Peter Harris was raised on a dairy farm in New Zealand and went away for school because there wasn’t anywhere that he could get a good education near his home. He attended boarding school and got involved in rowing and rugby at it. He attended St. Paul’s Collegiate and the Institute of Technology in New […]

Nitin Khanna: The Engineer cum Business Investor

Nitin Khanna has had numerous working experiences during his career. He is the CEO of MergerTech, and over the years, he has used his expertise to bring about company success and capitalization on their outcome all through having strategic business plans. He currently lives in Portland and is a graduate of Purdue University. He also […]

TigerSwan Has Grown Exponentially Under the Leadership of James Reese

TigerSwan is a veteran-owned business, and it is based in America. The firm was founded by James Reese. He is also serving as the chief executive officer of the corporation. Before establishing TigerSwan, James Reese had served in the U.S. Army for 25 years. While retiring, he was serving as a Lieutenant Colonel. During the […]

Omar Boraie and Sons Wasseem and Sam Boraie Further Revitalize Newark’s Community

The jubilant ribbon-cutting of 50 Rector Park served as a historic marker for the further development of Newark. The force behind this grand opening, Boraie Development, is a New-Brunswick based real-estate developer led by Omar Boraie and his sons, Wasseem and Sam. The family had been looking forward to this day for around ten years, […]

The North Face’s FUTURELIGHT Protective Wear a Part of VP of Marketing, Steve Lesnard’s Campaign of Discovery

The North Face is changing what explorers and outdoor enthusiasts can expect from an outdoors outfitter. Its FUTURELIGHT protective wear is the result of what new vice-president of marketing, Steve Lesnard, calls personalization at scale. Its a shift from marketing with a sales mindset to an individualized problem-solving approach. It’s done through the advantages of […]

Toyo Setal wins bid

Toyo Setal won the bid to complete the construction of the Rio de Janeiro Petrochemical in Brazil after a yearlong competitive process. This project had been hindered since 2015. The decision criteria of the winning bid was established on the lowest price, especially since after this subdivision had just experienced the largest economic catastrophe in […]