Bridget Scarr is a compelling writer and creative producer who has a habitual attraction for content that extends to many different opportunities. Her projects are known to radiate within large groups of people that include television, digital content, interactive exhibition and much more. Scarr is also an experienced executive producer that holds more than 15 years of experience in the advertising and television business in addition to animation. Throughout the course of her career, she has been responsible for leading the creative development and technical production teams through many entertainment platforms. She generally managed anywhere from 5 to 220 people. Currently, you will find Bridget Scarr working in partnership with Colibri Studios where she is involved daily with the development and creative projects that she works to bring new life.


In addition to all of her talents, she also worked as a TV producer in which she was responsible for bringing characters to different ideas. After years of working in that industry, she was ready for a change and moved into the developmental side of creation in which Colibri Studios comes into play. She starts her day with meditation to get energized and focused on the necessary tasks she has to do. She purely focuses on what she needs to do each day, which has proven to become a successful life and career for her.


She is naturally creative when it comes to bringing new ideas to life. Her current project consists of working with ways to allow users to connect to history in an appealing way through historical stories that happened to the people that lived through it. Together, she will bring together facts of the story in addition to scripted focuses.


As an entrepreneur, she has worked very hard to build her company into a promising, successful career. She continually points efforts toward her creative spirit to enhance productivity in her field. She uses her time wisely to obtain inspiration for current and future projects which lead to better ideas. She makes efforts to spend time in nature as well, so she can make sure that her creative developmental efforts are carried through in the best way possible.


Some advice that she would give to a younger version of herself is to eliminate fear and trust in the journey your life is taking. She mentions to always be grateful for everything you have and appreciate those you love. Take pride in your God-given gifts and use them to the best of your ability.


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