When Brian Bonar decided he wanted to build a restaurant he began with a bistro he called Bellamy’s. This Scottish entrepreneurs restaurant features amazing dishes including mushroom ravioli, saffron panna cotta and parsley risotto.

The larger piece of Bonar’s little empire is located in Bandy Canyon. The area is 144 acres and he plans to turn it into a four star space for events. His plans also include a signature restaurant on the site. This is what led to him finding a Master Chef from France named Ponsaty.

Expectations for Bellamy’s were high and people were surprised when his signage was a tarp. The inside of the restaurant features smooth jazz paintings, plush seats and Coppertone walls. The feeling is definitely chic. Once the customers taste the food all expectations are met. From the corn soup to the parsley-cream risotto the food is utterly fantastic.

Ponsaty has a beet salad made with red and golden bulbs placed over the powder of dried porcini mushrooms, cocoa nibs and pistachios that has been described as incredible. His confections include a beet ice cream served with a warmed goat cheese tart and a salad of tomatoes with fresh mozzarella.

The salad is tossed with Moroccan olive oil and balsamic vinegar with a tomato based gel placed on top. Dessert features a saffron panna cotta with a consommé of strawberry-hibiscus. Orange zest, madeleine and sugar dust are also included. Bellamy’s has some of the best food available anywhere in San Diego and their staff is top of the line.

According to Bloomberg, Brian Bonar has the skills and experience that have enabled him to succeed both in the sector of banking and in leading a company in the proper direction. He is the CEO of Dalrada Financial and his best traits have been of benefit to the financial institution. His experience has given him the ability to be in charge of all ongoing activities within the company.

Brian has been described as a go getter and is quite devoted to every client. He makes sure his goals are accomplished. He is also the CEO of Imaging Technologies. This company specializes in the software for color management and hardware for digital imaging. Brian has transformed this company and enabled them to offer additional products and service. His career has been distinguished and he has established a well deserved reputation for achieving excellence in everything he does.

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