The marketing company known as Talk Fusion has recently announced a new product that will likely improve the marketing process for many people. It will also allow others to more easily hole meetings via the computer, tablet or smartphone. Talk Fusion has released the Live Meetings software product which will help a number of individuals and businesses communicate with one another with a higher level of efficiency. The product will also allow them to interact with one anther on a more convenient basis as well. Live Meetings is able to allow customers to transmit one way videos and host video based conferences that can support 15 hosts and 500 participants.


Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion and has built this company into one of the most successful in the industry. Before he started up his company, Bob spent a number of years selling products to individuals. This allowed him to demonstrate his proficiency in selling. As a result, he would then look to get involved in network marketing. This experience in network marketing allowed Bob to start up Talk Fusion by the year 2004. Prior to selling products and founding his own company, Reina spent a number of years as a police officer. While this job was rewarding, he was in need of making extra money as well as pursuing his true passions. By the time he started up his company, Bob decided to quite the police department and move on to being an entrepreneur. Learn more:


When Bob first started up his company, the intention was to develop a number of web based marketing solutions. This included a product line that offered email based video marketing. It became one of the most innovative marketing products available. As a result, Bob looked to make a significant impact on how businesses promote themselves on the internet. Reina has added new products to help meet the needs of customers on a regular basis. As well as being one of the more innovative marketing entrepreneurs, Bob is also a well known philanthropist. He has made a number of charitable contributions to organizations such as the Humane Society of Tampa Bay which protects the lives and rights of animals.