Blake Mallen is a successful entrepreneur who has founded three companies. These are Liv Global, HashTagOne, and ViSalus Sciences. He’s a member of the 2002 graduating class of the University of California, San Diego. A member of the Sigma Chi Fraternity, he studied political science and psychology. He was also a member of this university’s surf club. While still studying, he joined a network marketing firm, The Free Network. He sold their phone service plans for six years. When the company went out of business in 2005, Blake Mallen co-founded ViSalus. It is a global healthy lifestyle business that sells weight loss products. After serving as the chief marketing officer for several years, he was promoted to president.

Among his responsibilities is creating sales and marketing strategies that are used to sell this company’s products in North America and Europe. The company’s business model is to sell its products through network marketing. Blake Mallen says that when he got involved in this industry it lacked any sort of cool factor. It hadn’t advanced beyond the “Avon Calling” model. He created a company that invited people to accept a challenge, in this case, to get fit and lose weight. ViSalus was one of the his first companies to market its products and services on Facebook when that company was just starting to explode in popularity.

In October 2011, he founded HashTagOne. He is a partner of this company that invests in seed and Series A startups. One company Blake Mallen is currently invested in is Fragmob. This company develops mobile apps for companies in the network marketing industry. He has also invested in the Los Angeles company Saucey. This company has an app that people can use to have beer, wine, and liquor delivered to them. Liv Global is the latest company he co-founded. People can use its app to attend events that enrich their lives. He is the president and is highly involved in creating unique marketing strategies and overall brand messaging among other duties.