Long ago, the thought of having your shampoo and conditioner combined into one product seemed like an ideal concept. Unfortunately, this concept turned out to be better on paper than in reality, and would result in dry, heavy, lifeless hair with excessive build-up. With Wen by Chaz, easy hair is now possible. The unique Wen formula allows for gentle cleansing and conditioning resulting in light, shiny, healthy hair with heaps of volume.

Chaz Dean, the Los Angeles-based stylist who created WEN, bases his career on the importance of hair care. His line of hair care products are crafted with the goal of obtaining strong and healthy hair for the consumer, and he never uses harmful chemicals typically found in hair care products. According to dictionary.com, Chaz is a firm believer that his consumers should be privy to each and every chemical existing in their beauty products, and he accomplishes this through his transparent delivery. He aims to keep hair healthy and hydrated, and the cleansing conditioners used in Wen products are mild and non-abrasive. With Wen by Chaz Dean, you are spoiled by choice with classic scents including lavender, almond, cucumber, tea tree, pomegranate, pink jasmine peony, and fig. The Wen product catalog includes the classic cleansing conditioners as well as hairbrushes, candles, hair perfumes, and even pet products.

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