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Sharon Prince is the owner of Grace Farms, a non-profit facility and recreational site located in New Canaan, Connecticut. The facility that she established caters to individuals who wanted to have a peaceful time meditating within her property. She is welcoming anyone who wanted to pray and strengthen their faith, as well as those who wanted to feel closer to nature.

Sharon Prince is the founder of the Grace Farms Foundation, and she had the idea to establish recreational farm because she wanted more people to develop a deeper faith in God. She said that creating the farms is her contribution to bringing more people closer to God, and she would also love to see their faith being strengthened. She is also encouraging the people to do good and to spread optimism at a global level.

Many people who have visited the Grace Farms are saying that they are satisfied with the experience of touring around the 80-acre property. There are many things to do inside the farm, and a number of facilities are available to the visitors. Top Grace Farms has its own amphitheater, a sanctuary, a pavilion, a library, and a lot of stalls that sell snacks. The visitor center is made from a reconstructed barn, and there are also rooms that can be used for recollection activities.

Sharon Prince is welcoming anyone who wanted to spend time within her property, and she said that all of the people who have visited in the past had a great time reconnecting with nature. Grace Farms can be easily accessed from New Canaan, Connecticut, and everyone who would like to visit will be given a chance to hear the vision and mission of the Grace Farms Foundation, and they can decide whether to help the organization with their causes.

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