Changing careers and career paths are common in the corporate world, but different factors influence different people to make these changes. For Jana Messerschmidt, three factors influence her changes decisions. When she was deciding to move to Lightspeed Venture Partners, she considered the following factors. First, Jana Messerschmidt is one of the firm believers that mentorship in the corporate world is crucial. When she was deciding to join Lightspeed, she noticed that the company values mentorship as a tool for sustainability. Apart from the company having the right approach to mentorship, she noticed that the company has the right structures for mentorship.

Second, Jana Lightspeed is also a firm believer of teamwork in the corporate world, and the availability of team model in the management of Lightspeed Venture Partners informed her decision. According to her, the company’s approach to teamwork is a game changer in corporate productivity. Through teams, it is not farfetched to bring different interests together. According to her, this work model is instrumental for both individual growths as well as corporate growth. Team model as a factor is one of the reasons why Jana Lightspeed decided to transition to this particular company. This approach also helps in building the confidence of individual employees within the firm.

Finally, Jana Messerschmidt moved to this company because the firm is home to complementary skills. Lightspeed Venture Partners operates in a different niche, the availability of different skills makes the company home to ideas, and more importantly home to successful projects. Jana Messerschmidt points out that this collection of talents enables the company to the solution provider for different branding needs. University of Illinois graduate understands that having the right talents in an organization is ideal for a company that has a big vision and more importantly an entity that has a long-term vision.