Allied Wallet is among the leading providers of online payment processing services. The company is dedicated to providing tools for e-commerce that are easy and intuitive to use. Allied facilitates the easy and secure transfers of funds from one individual or company to another.

The company has seen a fair amount of growth in recent times. Adding new payment options and partnering with various different companies is a common occurrence for the company. Allied Wallet has expanded into two big potential markets in particular. The company has expanded to both include WeChat Pay as well as partnering with China UnionPay. WeChat Pay is one of the leading forms of mobile payment in China. The Chinese mobile payment market is valued at around 16 million dollars. WeChat Pay is the dominant force in this market. In China, mobile payments are becoming more and more common. Paying with cash instead of digitally is becoming more of a rarity in the country.

After Allied Wallet had partnered with them, WeChat Pay users could then exchange money between the two services to safely make purchases and send money to others. Even prior to the two companies partnering, WeChat Pay was considered a main competitor to credit card companies such as Visa. China UnionPay is another company that Allied Wallet has partnered with. China UnionPay is the largest payment card issuer in the world. In its home country of China alone, China UnionPay has issued over six billion cards. The company is quickly growing in usage and popularity all throughout the world.

In an effort to expand to European markets, China UnionPay and Allied Wallet have partnered. China UnionPay and Allied Wallet together will issue cards for European customers. This move was intended to help draw in European customers that aren’t necessarily traveling to Asia (Yahoo).

China UnionPay hoped that their partnership with Allied Wallet will reduce the amount of time it takes to get the new European cards on the market. In fact, it’s a result of companies like Allied Wallet that China UnionPay doesn’t need a license to expand into Europe.

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