Alex Pall is one of the band members of the two-person group called The Chainsmokers. The popular musician has a different career long before he became a part of the duo. He was working in New York City as an assistant inside an old art gallery, and he would sometimes do part-time jobs inside the clubs at night. Later on, he noticed that the money he is earning from performing as a DJ overshadowed his salary at the art gallery. He decided to switch careers, and focused on being a DJ. He slowly became popular with the crowd in New York City, and clubs were inviting him to perform. One night, he became acquainted with a talent manager, and he was asked to visit his place and talk about a possible career in the music industry.

Alex Pall contacted the phone number that was given to him by the talent manager, and he was invited to come over to his place. There, he met Drew Taggart, a musician with a budding career from Maine. The two started to develop a close relationship in an instant because they share the same passion for creating music. Their talent manager soon announced that he is planning to build a two-person group, and he wanted Alex Pall and Drew Taggart to become the official members of the band. The two agreed to the plan and called themselves The Chainsmokers. The band was launched in 2012 and started to gain fans and followers as they released their title called “Roses,” which became a global hit.

Their debut was followed by other successful pieces, such as “Closer,” and “Paris,” among many others. The music by The Chainsmokers became a number one hit, dominating the Billboard Charts for weeks. Alex Pall and Drew Taggart could not believe that they will attain this level of success and thanked their fans for the continuous support. Presently, The Chainsmokers is on tour around the world, sharing their music with their international fans. They are also collaborating on doing more songs, and one of the most recent one released is entitled “Sick Boy, which has been made for nine months.