Jeremy Goldstein is one of the visionary founders of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. The firm was purposely meant to provide legal advisory services to the top managers of various institutions. They majored in financial, development and agreements made between firms among other sensitive issues of their clients.



As we speak, Jeremy chairs the Mergers & Acquisition Sub-committee in the firm known as American Bar Association Business Section. Apart from that, he has worked in a number of huge organizations with credible success. As if that is not enough, he is well known as the top ranking Attorney in USA. The title was acquired after him acquiring education in various universities in USA.



The idea of starting JLG firm popped into his mind when he witnessed a series of conflicts between merger firms. To him, the increasing cases of disagreements between the firms was a great opportunity to bring a long lasting solution through law. And that acted as the genesis of his huge firm.



As a way of ensuring increased productivity of the organization, Jeremy ensures that highly skilled manpower is employed and backed up with motivation to put more efforts to meet the goals. Also, time is well managed in his firm by focusing on productive activities only. This is achieved by putting together the ideas and opinions of the employees and deciding on which route to follow.



The combination of both new and old ideas have helped Jeremy to work best in terms of management of his firm. The reason behind this is the ease of actualizing totally new and better ideas brought in through past experience.



In terms of corporate and compensation duties, his main point of motivation comes from general and executive compensation because of its stable nature and freedom from external shocks. Above all, his best character of maintaining good relations with other counterparts and clients has made him the best lawyer. According to him, challenges should be perceived as an opportunity to better oneself.



The best contributor to the success of his business is his good quality and contact with his customers. The contact has been brought in through constant communication with them. This creates some good feelings of concern and interest in his clients.



Jeremy is always more than willing to invest in constructive aspects in his firm. The key considerations have to be made before taking any action of investments. What I like about him is his economical nature since he always ensures that expenditures are minimized at all cost. And this has greatly contributed to the rapid growth in his firm.



Apart from that, his ever best services has acted as a major downfall of his competitors. He also employed the acquisition strategy of other related firms in order to increase the dominance of his entity in the market.






To conclude, Jeremy Goldstein is a legend. We should emulate his characters to ensure success in all aspects of our lives.


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