Bhanu Choudhrie was brought up in New Delhi, India having been born in 1978. Upon finishing his A-level education, he went to the US, where he joined Boston University and pursued International Business and Marketing. After his graduation, Mr. Bhanu Choudhrie joined JP Morgan as an intern and later migrated to London where he started working for C&C Alpha Group. He is the founding father of this company and the executive director up to date. The organization has a wide variety of product portfolios ranging from investments, 1st class hotels, and spas in India and Mauritius to mention a few. Away from his business ventures, Mr. Bhanu Choudhrie is committed to his philanthropic call where he participates through donations to charitable organizations throughout the world.

During his career, Bhanu Choudhrie has received numerous awards for his efforts and contribution to the community as an investor and a humanitarian. For example, in 2008, Mr. Bhanu was recognized as the Entrepreneur of the year by the UK’s Asian Voice Political & Public Life Award. Mr. Choudhrie has also participated in numerous humanitarian exercises e.g., with the Path to Success Organization which sponsors needy students who are willing to learn and people with long-term medical conditions but they lack the financial capability. In an interview, Mr. Bhanu Choudhrie notes that his interest in business can be traced back when his father started an import-export business where he was selling TV sets.

His grandfather, who was by then the chairman of the Punjab National Bank also inspired him a lot and therefore for him, starting a business was an element that was part of their DNA. When asked how his day is like, he says that he starts his day by going through various correspondences such as emails, watching the news in channels such as CNN and Bloomberg and other Indian equivalents. Updating himself with world news enables him to understand how the money markets are trending globally and acquire a broader understanding of the world of business, which significantly assists him in developing his business strategy. He also emphasizes the importance of surrounding yourself with people who can add value to you. These people are instrumental when it comes to actualizing your ideas.