In an interview with Eric Dye Paul Mampilly talked about his professional career in wall street, his transition to main street and why despite having such a prestigious career managing a hedge fund he chose to come back to main street and work with people who had relatively less capital and even fewer investment options. One of his biggest drivers, as he admitted, was a need to help ordinary Americans grow their wealth and at the same time transfer his investment knowledge he had learned over the years in Wall Street to this ordinary citizens.

What makes Paul Mampilly an authority in the industry?

Since 1991 he has worked in Wall Street. He has worked in every conceivable position as he strived to rise up the corporate ladder. He began as a trader and grew to a portfolio manager before he was eventually headhunted to run a hedge fund. His track record is in the public domain and can be accessed by everyone. In order to become the best Paul put in a lot of hours and does a lot of reading. On a daily basis, he tries to do 12 to 14 hours of his research work and reading in order to understand the markets he is looking to invest in.

What are the biggest changes he has seen over the years?

When Paul Mampilly first started out at Wall Street computers had not taken over, and trading was done by humans. Over the years this changed and today the bulk of trading is done by computers. The technology has evolved so much that today it is virtually available to everyone. However, the availability of technology as Paul Mampilly notes does not equate to skill. What some may fail to understand is that it still takes a lot of investment knowledge to know how to be a successful investor. He also acknowledges that ETFs have taken over in a field that was previously dominated by mutual funds. ETFs, however, present a different set of challenges, and Paul Mampilly is the first to admit that they require a bit more analysis. The valuation of companies has also been another change within the industry. Click here.