Some Doctors Just Make You Feel Comfortable

We can all reflect back on the fears we had of going to the doctor’s office as a child. In the end, most of those fears were unfounded, but we were unable to understand that at our young age. The truth is, for some, they never completely get over that fear. It’s a fear that […]

OSI Industries Looks To Expands

Expansion is a definite sign of growth and a successful company. Expansion is one of the greatest visions of a budding company that wants to make a major impact. OSI Industries is one of those companies. From the early beginnings when the company was once formed to where the company is currently today, expansion has […]

US Money Reveals Possibility of Discontinuing the Penny

The parliament of the United Kingdom recently discussed its monetary policy. It recently decided to make changes with their currency. This prompted the United States to make changes in its currency as well. As a result, the United States has looked into discontinuing one of its most common currency items known as the penny. It […]

Nina Vaca: A Foundation of Giving

Nina Vaca chooses not to live by profit alone, but this does not mean that she does not work. Vaca has forged ahead to create one of the most recognizable female-owned businesses in the world. She created Pinnacle Group, which matches employers with employees. The company took off, but not without a lot of dedication […]

Executive Producer Bennett Graebner Explains The Concept Of His New TV Dating Show, “Love At First Kiss”

Bennett Graebner works in the television and film industry as an executive producer. He is in the reality TV niche and specializes in dating shows. Among his TV shows are “Love at First Kiss”, “The Bachelorette”, and “The Bachelor”. He has been in the industry for over 20 years and past positions include production assistant […]

Perry Mandera’s Impact on American Business

One of the benefits of being Perry Mandera is the sheer amount of respect he garners on a daily basis. Many people are not totally sure what it feels like to be respected by their peers, and that is an understandable struggle. It was certainly the case for Perry Mandera at one point, but he […]