Isabel dos Santos shifts in position on the list of the wealthiest people in Africa

Isabel dos Santos is the most successful Angolan businesswoman. She is also recognized among the most influential leaders in Africa. She is the president of the largest telecommunication company in Africa; Unitel. She has a vast of experience in other fields such as infrastructure, economic developments and introduction of emerging technologies. This has created employment […]

Edwin Miranda had a Vision

Good people know that it does not pay to stay stagnant within any industry. Good people also know that good people don’t rest on their wins of yesterday, they go ahead and prioritize for the future. Because they do this, they can find success where other people don’t. Good people don’t compromise on their principles […]

Neurocore – Most Advanced Brain Functioning Treatments

Thanks to the advancement in the field of medical sciences, the applications of neurosciences are now used to provide treatment for mental health issues. The traditional therapies for mental health issues don’t always provide positive results, but Neurocore would help you get the effective treatment you need through its unconventional therapies. It uses the power […]

Rebel Wilson: A True Rebel

When Rebel Wilson’s parents named her, they had the right name in mind for her. She is a rebel to her very core and it is a good thing to be a rebel in Hollywood these days. If someone is just playing it safe, they are not truly living and they are not taking chances. […]

Just How Style Brands Gain From Influencer Advertising?

Nowadays, consumers do not need to try to find style publications, such as Elle, Harper’s Fete, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, or attend the New York city style week event to recognize the current brand names or trends in apparel. Influencer advertising and marketing makes it very easy for brands to flaunt their products in front […]

The Work Schedule of Glenn Schlossberg and Its Impact on the Fashion Sector

Glenn Schlossberg is continuously succeeding in the highly competitive fashion industry because of his outstanding skill set. As the founder of Jump Design Group, Glenn Schlossberg seeks constantly strategies that retain his significance in the market. Mr. Glenn acquired his fashion expertise design from the operations of his father. During his childhood, Glenn spent a […]

Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, LLC. His food company started out as an entrepreneurial-based group. He wants to ensure that his company has a unique culture. His company runs almost like family with the responsibilities of a company running along with it. Lavin enjoyed his financial consulting because he always […]

Jojo Hedaya’s Insights On Skill Over Education

Jojo Hedaya and his friend Rosenwald developed unroll me an app to solve the problem. The problem of junk mail had barred them from reaching one another as the emails were mixed with other subscriptions. Today, the app is among the leading email sorting applications on the globe. It scans and sorts the emails based […]