Rebel Wilson’s New Role in the Cats Film

Very few actors cannot only capture their audience with every movie they produce, but to also stand out even in their personal lives. One such actor with such remarkable qualities is Rebel Wilson. Born in 1980, she won the world over with her incredible role as Fat Amy in the movie Pitch Perfect. However, her […]

Agera Energy, an energy supplier that understands

Energy is an inevitable expenditure in every household and business in the United States of America. Everyone needs it. However, making great energy decisions has been a headache for many over the years. This is because traditional energy suppliers view their customers only as ratepayers Agera’s vision Agera endeavors to change that. With energy deregulation […]

Chris Burch And His Hotel Expertise

Chris Burch is best known for his work with Tory And Burch, but he has done much more than design clothing and accessories. He has started a fantastic resort in Indonesia that provides people with an amazing experience, and he wants to make a difference by giving back where he can. He wanted his resort […]