As We Move Forward With CTRMA

CTRMA is an independent government agency created to help the national government deal with mobility challenges that affect the transport sector in Central Texas. At the helm of this institution is Mike Heiligenstein who continues to lead Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) in the capacity of Executive Director.

Under Mike’s leadership, CTRMA has experienced radical changes. Also, his efforts have helped transform the transport industry of central Texas.

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is also tasked to improve maritime mobility, air travel, and transit services; something that this agency has excelled in since its creation.

Before the inception of CTRMA in 2002, there was a lot of traffic congestion in the region’s road networks primarily because these systems had not been planned and constructed to accommodate an ever increasing human population.

In the past years, infrastructure development has mainly been centered in the city and town centers within Texas, leaving the road networks in suburban areas dilapidated. However, CTRMA plans on improving the situation by increasing road capacity.

Besides, this transportation agency seeks to develop modern road systems with smart technology so as to allow for innovations like driverless automobiles to be used on Texas roads without necessarily posing a threat to the general public.

Also, there are plans to integrate ride-sharing applications into the transportation industry. For instance, a ridesharing app might allow you and a total stranger you share the same location with to utilize the same taxi. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

The above move will not only ease traffic congestion but might also benefit commuters since they share costs with other people for the same journey. In the long run, traffic impedance will be a thing of the past especially in rural Texas where human population is rapidly increasing.

For CTRMA to achieve all these goals, it is working hand in hand with the physical planning department to see to it that zoning requirements remain flexible for infrastructure development. Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority also has great plans in store for parking spaces.

Since vertical parking is a norm today, CTRMA anticipates introducing multistoried facilities that reduce the headroom thus allowing the accommodation of more vehicles as you go vertically.

Therefore, CTRMA under Mike Heiligenstein is optimistic about the future, since it is presently taking contingency measures to ensure that the ever-increasing Texas population has adequate infrastructure to use.

With this in mind, then the region is less likely to encounter mobility challenges in the coming decade.

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc: Serving Clients, Efficiently

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. is a company that has been of a great help to people looking out for mortgages and property documents. Established in 1991, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. services its clients through the numerous report and documentation services that they provide. The company is one which helps their clients find and have the right documents for all their property related issues as well as for papers pertaining to any other official activity. Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. helps their clients with these woes through the research and examination of their matters and documents and also helps them with the formulation of everything they would need to officially get their mortgage or business in place. Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. was first established in California and continues to serve as the headquarters of the company. Besides the office in California, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. has offices in Palm Harbour in the state of Florida. This office was established because of the growing need for more offices of its kind in other parts of the country. The company plans to also expand to other parts of the country to be accessible to a wider audience.


Even with two offices in different parts of the state, it was still not enough to meet the growing demand that Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. was facing from numerous people all over the country. Since it isn’t possible for people to travel to a different state to get their work done, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. thought of a more accessible option to give the customers exactly what they want and need from the organization. Nationwide Title Clearing therefore decided to launch their website to make their services available to a much wider audience, one that they couldn’t reach in the past. Through their website, customers can avail of the same services that they would get from the physical offices of the company, from the comfort of their homes. Customers can expect to be serviced quickly and efficiently, to make sure that all their documents are in order for their needs.


Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. makes sure that it only employs those people who are well versed in the field and who have a good amount of experience. Since each customer coming to the company has different requirements and needs, it becomes essential for the company representatives to properly understand their clients to provide them with the services that are tailored to give them exactly what they need from the Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.


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Niranjan Shah: The Man Behind Globetrotters Engineering Corporation

Niranjan Shah is the founding partner of the Globetrotters Engineering Corporation as well as the Globetrotters International, Inc., Globetrotters International is a company based in Chicago with a deep interest in engineering, consulting, architectural as well as construction management services. Niranjan Shah was born in India and later moved to the United States to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Birla Engineering College.

In 1970, Niranjan Shah moved to go united states to acquire his Master’s degree in civil engineering from the University of Mississippi. He later returned to Chicago in 1972 and founded Globetrotters Engineering Corporation in 1974. The company’ had its first office in southern Chicago with Niranjan Shah as its full-time employee. The company has seen a remarkable improvement in employing more than 200 technical and professional employees over the past decade. Notably, the company is one of the leading providers of the engineering, facility management as well as architectural firm in the United States

Niranjan Shah received his professional license, which is an operation state such as Illinois, Kentucky, Wisconsin, consequently leading to the establishment of the company’s offices in other countries. He fathers his engineering education by taking a management program from the Harvard business school. Additionally, he is also e member of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Under his leadership, Globetrotters has finished a wide range of publications and research for the federal agencies published in several journals. Some of the projects include the Development of Compaction Criteria for Coal Waste Embankments and Marginal Materials for Use in Low-Volume Roads, which have been utilized in the United States.

Outside his leadership at Globetrotters organization, Niranjan shah has actively participated in the public services as well as community-driven efforts. His philanthropic nature has seen him support a myriad of organizations which includes Sister Cities International, Leading India’s Future Today (LIFT), and The Shah Center at McHenry County College.

Niranjan Shah has served in numerous boards, the committee as well as commission. He was appointed to serves in the commission of the Economic Development Commission for the City of Chicago in 1991. Additionally, he was the board member of the Laboratory Schools of the University of Chicago in 1991. He has received many awards for his accomplishments and philanthropic causes in India and the United States.

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Peter Harris Is Not Afraid Of Taking Risks To Make Money

Peter Harris was raised on a dairy farm in New Zealand and went away for school because there wasn’t anywhere that he could get a good education near his home. He attended boarding school and got involved in rowing and rugby at it. He attended St. Paul’s Collegiate and the Institute of Technology in New Zealand and then got started in his career by working as an accountant. He was a hard worker and even received an award for his hard work, given the Young Businessman Award.

Peter Harris worked in insurance for a time and also worked with boutique investment banks. He then started working with property and heavy commercial equipment, and he starting to find ways to make a good amount of money while taking risks. In 1996, he was involved in the buyout of CBL, a small insurance company. The company was in New Zealand, and he and the other man who bought it knew that they needed to take it beyond the country if they wanted to have great success with it, and that is what they did. Peter Harris is a great leader and helped his company expand and become worth well over $400 million.

Peter Harris was involved with his company for twenty-two years and was the chief operating officer and the managing director of it. He also spent several years working as the international business director for the company. Before he started working for CBL, he was the finance director and shareholder for another company and the CEO of another. Peter Harris is known for having skills with financial and data analysis and financial reporting. Peter Harris resides in Auckland, New Zealand, and is known for being a great thought leader, and he is also brave, as he has always been willing to take risks to make money.

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Nitin Khanna: The Engineer cum Business Investor

Nitin Khanna has had numerous working experiences during his career. He is the CEO of MergerTech, and over the years, he has used his expertise to bring about company success and capitalization on their outcome all through having strategic business plans. He currently lives in Portland and is a graduate of Purdue University. He also has a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering.

He was privileged to work in different firms for many years, and in 1998 Nitin Khanna was able to co-found and start Saber Corp. The firm offers state government solutions in the United States, has a staff count of around 1200 people, and a revenue turnover of $120 million. He, later on, he sold it to EDS at revenue of around $460 million that is equivalent to four times their revenue.

When still under EDS, Nitin Khanna took the leadership and grew the firm to around 1500 staff members and revenue of $300 million. When he was with Saber Corp, Nitin had leadership roles at around eight M&A transactions, and he was able to gain great experience for his next corporate step at MergerTech. By 2009, MergerTech became a boutique technology firm that offers M&A advisory services. He was able to manage its growth and client development that has led to greater strategic plans.

Nitin Khanna also sits on other boards like the Classic Wines Auction, Vendscreen, Freewire Broadband, and TiE Oregon. He is also privileged to offer advice to other firms in the mobiles, cloud, and spaces. He also legalizes recreational and medical cannabis industries. The cannabis industry is valued at around $100 Billion. It is currently moving from the black market, and Nitin started the idea of Cura Cannabis in 2015.

He has managed to grow it to the biggest cannabis oil provider in Oregon for his customers and other companies. He has always been a believer in living life with passion. His hobbies include wines and movies. He has his wine called Oregon Pinot Noir and Four Handle. He has had production roles for Terms and Conditions May Apply, and What Lies Upstream they are considered award-winning movies.

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What You Need to Know About Funding Your Next Business According to James River Capital

JAMES RIVERAlthough there are many challenges that come alongside starting a brand-new business, funding is among the tougher ones for most budding entrepreneurs. Helmed by CEO Paul Saunders, James River Capital is an investment firm that can take the guesswork out of securing the right funding for your venture. Here’s a closer look at how they recommend moving forward.

Thinking Beyond the Banks

Although there’s definitely nothing wrong with applying for a standard bank loan if you’re looking for funding, that may not be the best option for every startup. Banks are generally a better bet if you’re looking to fund a small business, as smaller ventures also generally add up to lower risks. It may also be possible to scrape the funds together by inviting friends or family along for the ride.

If neither of those options feels like the right fit for the company you have in mind, consider one of the following alternatives for your small to mid-sized business venture:

  • Alternative local loans. Visit your area’s business development center or chamber of commerce for helpful information and useful tips on what’s available.
  • Angel investors. Connect with investors who may be interested in working with you either online or via your personal network.
  • Crowdfunding. If you have an existing audience that would potentially be interested in helping you launch your business in exchange for attractive rewards, platforms like Kickstarter may be worth considering.

Thinking Even Larger

If the company you have in mind is large enough in scale to require $1 million in funding or higher, venture capital is likely the best way to go, but you’d be wise to enlist the help of the experts before diving in. James River Capital specializes in helping forward thinking entrepreneurs like yourself find the best possible investors for their projects. Get in touch today for more information on how venture capital can make your next business a reality.

Jack Plotkin Foresees That Telehealth Will Revolutionize Healthcare

JACK PLOTKINMore professionals are joining the field of healthcare technology. This industry has long-shown promise, and now, more people have shown interest because it is an area that exhibits immense growth. Aside from being a good business opportunity, this industry has the capacity to impact millions of lives and touch them in a meaningful way.

That being said, shifting into this career is not as easy as you may think. Jack Plotkin, the Chief Technology Officer of Virtual Health, a telehealth company with the goal of providing healthcare remotely to patients, shared his experiences within this industry. He said this is one of those careers where you need to be patient. After all, as the saying goes, Rome was not built in a day.

Doctors and healthcare professionals are often resistant to changes, especially towards something as radical as telehealth. Even if you assure them of your devices’ safety and show evidence, they will still exercise caution and take time to warm up to the newer methods. Before laparoscopic and robotic surgeries were en vogue, doctors still preferred their traditional yet more invasive methods. Over time, when they saw that these treatments were indeed less invasive and better for their patients, they adopted to the changes.

Jack Plotkin also noted that you need to be willing to break barriers to excel in this industry. Because you need to quash down old rules, you have to be firm and steadfast. You must not waver at the first sign of defeat. Telehealth has the capacity to revolutionize medical care, with people wearing digital diagnostic and monitoring tools. This makes it possible for them to get a full assessment without even having to leave their homes. Doctors will be able to access their medical files with a flick of a finger.


This promising future is made possible by leveraging technology. Jack Plotkin noted that the healthcare industry is closely regulated, so they must of course comply with all the safety standards. Their clients can rest assured that whatever they have in the market has been tested, regulated, and proven safe.

Gulf Coast Western and Matt Fleeger

Matthew FleegerThe world of oil has been somewhat stagnant and unchanging for decades. Companies choose a site, set up their machines then take what they need. Matt Fleeger and Gulf Coast Western are working to change the face of the oil industry and make a better go at harvesting the fuel we need.

What makes Gulf Coast Western different is that instead of choosing a new site each time they need to drill or want to harvest; they instead choose sites that are already in production and lease the use of the site. This does a few things. For starters, leasing sites that have already been tapped and that are already being used helps to save money, save time, and save hassle as well. By choosing sites that have already been in use, there is no need to build equipment, there is no need to get permits to open the site, and there is no need to disrupt the people that live near the site.

By using sites that are already in production Gulf Coast Western is also able to avoid opening up new sites which is better for the environment as well. Through leasing sites Gulf Coast Western is also able to make the most of those sites that are already in production which is beneficial for both the area where the site is located, the company that is doing the leasing, and Gulf Coast Western as well.

Matthew Fleeger

Gulf Coast Western is currently looking to expand operations in the south and to make a bigger footprint for the company. They have been in operation for decades and it is this experience and this dedication that makes Gulf Coast Western different than those companies that are only in it for the money. With the right approach even an industry like the oil industry can change for the better and can truly make a better impact on the world and the economy as well.  

HCR Wealth Advisors: We Advise You to Wealth

HCR WEALTH ADVISORHCR Wealth Advisors are a consortium of financial professionals that can bring your dreams to life, making certain that your confidence in them is well-placed. They’re not just retirement planners, they are wealth planners.

During this time of year many people who have means consider donating to charity. Even those without a lot of money are in a more charitable spirit toward the end of the year. From a financial standpoint, HCR Wealth Advisors want to educate you on the best ways to invest during this time of year and throughout the year.

Did you know that stock is able to be donated? HCR Wealth Advisors educates its clients regarding the various options to be considered when donating.  Speak with a professional at HCR Wealth Advisors about donating stock instead

Appreciated stock donations are confined to 30% of your AGI or adjusted gross income, however it will remove a tax liability from your portfolio. To determine if donating stock is a better option for you and your specific situation., consult with your trusted HCR advisor.

If you donate stock that is highly appreciated it removes the entire tax liability of the appreciated portion from your portfolio.

You can find a better use for your cash if you donate stock instead of cash. Perhaps you can purchase other stocks and make investments with the cash. This helps to ensure your desired asset allocation can be maintained. This is also a good time to consider selling some of your stock to raise cash. By donating stocks however, you can receive a tax deduction for the full fair market value. Accordingly, the donation is of a larger size because you do not have to pay capital gains tax on the stock. Your charitable deduction is increased because the dollar amount is higher when you invest when you donate stocks as opposed to cash. The cash amount may seem higher at first because it reduces your taxable income. Speak with a professional at HCR Wealth Advisors to determine if donating stock is a better option for you and your specific situation.

This article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as investment advice.

Three Repton School Students Named Arkwright scholars

Engineering is an important part of the modern world. Engineers come up with solutions to problems. People who are looking to enter this profession can easily find rewarding work. One of the many challenges of this field is encouraging people to enter it. Rewarding talent and encouraging students to make this their chosen career can be done in many ways. For those at the Repton School, this is one field that teachers here encourage their students to consider this field their future home. As part of that goal, they look for ways to help students explore the many potential scholarships and academic opportunities that might make this process easier. Given these goals, they are proud to announce that three of their students have achieved an impressive engineering honor.

Arkwright Scholars

The Arkwright scholarships are a part of a program that is designed to promote STEM education in the United Kingdom. The purpose is to encourage young people to go into these fields. They are funded by a charity. This charity, known as the Smallpiece Trust, has been in the business of providing scholars with funds to study the engineering field since 1991. In the process, they have come one of the nation’s most respected scholarship providers. Each year, many people apply for a scholarship in hopes of joining the ranks of the many scholars funded by the trust. Those who gain such a scholarship not only benefit from tuition help. They also benefit from the close advice of those in the field who mentor them as they continue with this program.

Future Leaders

The goal of the scholarship is also to inspire future leaders in this field. For three students here, Harry Scutt, Phoebe Plant and Henry Dunn, the vigorous process of application and hard work as students has all been worth it. The selection of scholars is a rigorous one that requires all those who are applying to spend a lot of time working with the program’s officials before the final, official selection is announced. It is one that took all three students four long months to finally complete.

Lots of Help

Once the process of application has been completed, it can take time to find out if the applicant has been able to get the scholarship. Finding out they had done so has been one of what students hope will be an ongoing process is being rewarded for their devotion to academic excellence and appreciation of the world of scholarship for all three students. It is a process that those at the Repton School take great pride in encouraging in all of their students. The three students were invited to a day in London to take pride in their accomplishments and meet those who are in charge of determining who gets this scholarship. Staffer Robert Kirkland who has served as the mentor to all three students was on hand to be there with them and proudly serve to help them navigate this world.

Sergey Petrossov-Bringing the Digital Age to Private Air Travel

SERGEY PETROSSOVMr. Sergey Petrossov is the founder and president of JetSmarter, a 1.5-billion-dollar global private jet travel marketplace.

Sergey Petrossov and his family moved to the United States when he was a four-years-old. They lived in California, Colorado and then stayed in South Florida. During those years in the Sunshine State Sergey attended high school and then enrolled in the University of Florida, where he studied finance. He also enjoyed mathematics and analytics. While at the university, he and some engineering associates built a chat service for website owners who offered customer service applications.

After graduating with his degree in 2009, Sergey Petrossov helped design a software project geared toward online educational courses for students in Eastern Europe and Russia. Thank to him and his fellow tech crew, individuals were able to take classes remotely. That same year, Petrossov would find out how far private air travel lagged within the digital age.

Innovative Method

One day in 2009, Sergey Petrossov was invited to go along for a ride on a private jet. During the trip, he became aware of the difficulties people had in trying to book flights for personal travels. A person would have to call the jet company, wait for an invoice, sign it and then return the statement by faxing or scanning. This old-fashioned process was the catalyst in Sergey consulting those in the industry and resolving to providing a solution.

In 2012, Sergey Petrossov recruited a small group of software designers and they made an app referred to as JetSmarter. This program would help people to book flights effortlessly. They would be able to reserve seats on private jets as well as whole planes and more. In addition, they could get all the information they need about their departure, destination and prices all at the touch of their fingertips.


In March 2013, Sergey Petrossov released JetSmarter to the public and it was in demand and downloaded more than 300,000 times by 2014.

Raffaele Riva Shares Thoughts On Success

Reading about a successful person can be a thought-provoking experience. When you read about someone’s success, you might ponder his/her path. While duplicating the steps of someone’s life and career isn’t possible, you can mimic the individual’s positive traits. Raffaele Riva does provide several outstanding characteristics would-be business people can admire. As a financial services and products entrepreneur, Riva climbed high atop the mountain of success. His role as founder and president of the Aurea Multi-Family Office firmly establishes his knowledge and talents. He is outspoken about his business acumen and shares his know-how and skill.

Somewhat surprisingly, Riva tells others to enjoy a life outside of the business world. Riva enjoys the arts, scuba diving, and other means of pursuing happiness. A misconception exists that pursuing outside interests can detract from professional achievements. If you neglect business endeavors, yes, they can suffer. When you take care of your responsibilities and enjoy your free time, however, you may be helping yourself. Someone with many personal interests also accumulates knowledge, and becoming more knowledgeable has its value.

Raffaele Riva strongly believes in the value of life experiences. Maybe that’s why he values doing things outside of the office. Anything and everything you do inside and outside of work deliver the potential for learning and growth. Hence, reflecting on life experiences could be a wise thing to do.

Not every experience goes the way we prefer. Failure happens now and then. Raffaele Riva says not to fear failure. Failure could present insights on how to improve. Sadly, many people never progress because they fear failure.

Riva also says to try and create value in other people’s lives. If you can enhance people’s lives with a product or service, you may find yourself attracting customers. And you do need them to stay afloat in business.