As We Move Forward With CTRMA

CTRMA is an independent government agency created to help the national government deal with mobility challenges that affect the transport sector in Central Texas. At the helm of this institution is Mike Heiligenstein who continues to lead Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) in the capacity of Executive Director.

Under Mike’s leadership, CTRMA has experienced radical changes. Also, his efforts have helped transform the transport industry of central Texas.

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is also tasked to improve maritime mobility, air travel, and transit services; something that this agency has excelled in since its creation.

Before the inception of CTRMA in 2002, there was a lot of traffic congestion in the region’s road networks primarily because these systems had not been planned and constructed to accommodate an ever increasing human population.

In the past years, infrastructure development has mainly been centered in the city and town centers within Texas, leaving the road networks in suburban areas dilapidated. However, CTRMA plans on improving the situation by increasing road capacity.

Besides, this transportation agency seeks to develop modern road systems with smart technology so as to allow for innovations like driverless automobiles to be used on Texas roads without necessarily posing a threat to the general public.

Also, there are plans to integrate ride-sharing applications into the transportation industry. For instance, a ridesharing app might allow you and a total stranger you share the same location with to utilize the same taxi. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

The above move will not only ease traffic congestion but might also benefit commuters since they share costs with other people for the same journey. In the long run, traffic impedance will be a thing of the past especially in rural Texas where human population is rapidly increasing.

For CTRMA to achieve all these goals, it is working hand in hand with the physical planning department to see to it that zoning requirements remain flexible for infrastructure development. Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority also has great plans in store for parking spaces.

Since vertical parking is a norm today, CTRMA anticipates introducing multistoried facilities that reduce the headroom thus allowing the accommodation of more vehicles as you go vertically.

Therefore, CTRMA under Mike Heiligenstein is optimistic about the future, since it is presently taking contingency measures to ensure that the ever-increasing Texas population has adequate infrastructure to use.

With this in mind, then the region is less likely to encounter mobility challenges in the coming decade.

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc: Serving Clients, Efficiently

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. is a company that has been of a great help to people looking out for mortgages and property documents. Established in 1991, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. services its clients through the numerous report and documentation services that they provide. The company is one which helps their clients find and have the right documents for all their property related issues as well as for papers pertaining to any other official activity. Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. helps their clients with these woes through the research and examination of their matters and documents and also helps them with the formulation of everything they would need to officially get their mortgage or business in place. Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. was first established in California and continues to serve as the headquarters of the company. Besides the office in California, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. has offices in Palm Harbour in the state of Florida. This office was established because of the growing need for more offices of its kind in other parts of the country. The company plans to also expand to other parts of the country to be accessible to a wider audience.


Even with two offices in different parts of the state, it was still not enough to meet the growing demand that Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. was facing from numerous people all over the country. Since it isn’t possible for people to travel to a different state to get their work done, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. thought of a more accessible option to give the customers exactly what they want and need from the organization. Nationwide Title Clearing therefore decided to launch their website to make their services available to a much wider audience, one that they couldn’t reach in the past. Through their website, customers can avail of the same services that they would get from the physical offices of the company, from the comfort of their homes. Customers can expect to be serviced quickly and efficiently, to make sure that all their documents are in order for their needs.


Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. makes sure that it only employs those people who are well versed in the field and who have a good amount of experience. Since each customer coming to the company has different requirements and needs, it becomes essential for the company representatives to properly understand their clients to provide them with the services that are tailored to give them exactly what they need from the Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.


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Darien Dash offers insight into the business world

Darien Dash is an amazing entrepreneur, but he considers himself more of an activist. He’s always focused on using his connections and his understanding of the tech world to help build his internet empire. He’s spent his career guided by one belief, that minorities deserve equal access to technology. This has informed his decision-making process throughout his career.

When the internet was first getting started, Darien Dash saw a grand opportunity. He founded DME Interactive Holdings in 1994, which focused on bringing digital marketing into minority communities. This company eventually became the first publicly-traded company owned by an African American.

Darien Dash from a family with deep roots in the entertainment industry. His cousin is chairman on a popular record label and his stepfather is a record executive. Darien grew up in New York City and was molded by his family’s entrepreneurial spirit.

As a freshman at USC, Darien founded his first business, a record label. The label would make over $100,000 during his sophomore year and would later sign Jay-Z.

Now, Darien has created the Movement Management firm and recently gave some comments on this new company. He stated that he’s been working in the industry for so long, that the new company just feels like a natural evolution of his career. He doesn’t feel like he is doing anything different.

Darien also noted that each business day is action-packed. He starts answering the phone at 7 AM and he doesn’t stop until 10 at night. He wants his clients to feel that he is available no matter where his clients are. He credits his strong support staff for keeping him focused throughout the day. To know more about Darien visit

When asked about business trends that excite him Damien lit up. He’s inspired by the number of minority entrepreneurs entering the marketplace. These entrepreneurs have formed support networks for one another, which Damien feels will help level the playing field.

When asked what habit is most important for him, Damien stated that repetition is critical. He’s always repeating processes he’s found to work.

Damien has always been a leader in the business world and now he’s helping others achieve their dreams.

SudhirChoudhrie Has Proven That With Perseverance, You Can Achieve Success Repeatedly

With multiple businesses spread across various segments, SudhirChoudhrie currently holds a massive presence across the U.K. At the age of 70, he is considered one of the most prolific businessmen of modern times, which is all thanks to his ability to establish successful ventures over different industries. While he was born in India, SudhirChoudhrie moved to London due to his business obligations. With a focus to grow his businesses across India and the U.K, his efforts have been recognized by the British government in the form of receiving the Asian Business Lifetime Achievement Year Award in 2013.

The ventures launched by SudhirChoudhrie operate across the sectors of the arms trade, aviation, and healthcare. With that, he is also involved in his other segments, including but not limited to hospitality and investment. Due to successfully operating these businesses in profoundly different industries, SudhirChoudhrie has garnered a particular reputation for being an expert in multiple sectors. This expertise proved to be useful when he started contributing to the holding company C&C Alpha Group, which is run by his son BhanuChoudhrie.

Due to his impressive career, SudhirChoudhrie is considered a highly successful business entity not only in India or the U.K., but across multiple countries over the world. His stature in other regions could be judged by the fact how he had served the role of being Latvia’s Honorary Consul General to India for well over a decade. Choudhrie also focuses on supporting an array of causes through his philanthropic activities, which include his efforts to contribute to the development of medical and educational facilities. At the time of writing, he has a library dedicated to his name at the University of Oxford; as well as a professorship in cardiology at the Columbia University Medical Center in New York City.

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Fortress Investment Group- Leading Global Investment Into The Future

Fortress Investment Group is a prominent global investment manager with a highly diversified portfolio consisting of interests such as real estate.

Fortress Investment Group, as the name suggests, provides sound investment advice to private entrepreneurs and investors in the world. The company also manages the clients’ investments. Fortress Investment Group has its headquarters in New York and affiliate offices globally.

Fortress Investment Group is managed by a committee consisting of 3 members, namely Peter L. Briger, Wesley R. Edens, and Randal A. Nardone. The three have massive experience in investment management and form a strong team as they have diverse experience and interests, hence catering for the company’s leadership needs. Peter L. Briger is a co-founder of the company and manages the Credit and Real Estate section. He graduated with a B.A from Princeton University and an M.B.A in business from Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennyslivia. Mr. Peter worked in Goldman Sachs and Co., where he made partner and obtained his experience in investment management.

Wesley R. Edens is also a co-founder and heads the company’s private equity and publicly traded alternative investment. He was a director in BlackRock Financial Management Co. and founded the BlackRock Assets Investor.

Randal A. Nardone is the principal of the management committee. He worked as the investment manager in Thacker Proffitt & Wood law firm.

Recent Activities
Fortress Investment Group’s recent activities include the launching of Asset Based Income and Intellectual Property Fund in 2017. The company also launched the Fortress Japan Opportunity Fund III.

The company also agreed to co-manage Mount Keller Investment funds and related accounts. These recent activities are some of the company’s highlights.

Core Competencies
Fortress Investment Group core competencies include it being Assets Based, Industry Knowledge, Operation Management, Corporate Mergers and Acquisition, and lastly, Capital Markets. These strengths in totality have led to the whole success of the company.

Softbank Takeover
The company doubled its social media presence by partnering with Masayoshi Son’s Softbank, which has huge technological connections and is accredited with being the world’s, most creative firm. Softbank made a successful takeover bid for Fortress for $3.3 billion in cash. The move to return to private hands was applauded as the best one for the future success of the company.

Fortress Investment Group’s employees consist of professional investment managers who are responsible for the company’s success. They shared that they love working in the company as it has strong leaders, and they are valued.

Russell Gimelstob On And Off The Court

Many people are familiar with Russell Gimelstob and his accomplishments both on and off the court but not a lot of them know how he became involved in real estate. It all began when he was just six and he started practicing on a regular basis which eventually led to him becoming the captain of the tennis team when he was a sophomore at Newark Academy. He spent the majority of his summer learning tennis from one of the most profound tennis coaches in the history of the nation, Robert Lansdorp. As someone who has worked with the best in the business, he helped him to become the best student athlete he could be. After being named first team all state throughout his high school career, he went on to win three championships in a row with the team.

Upon graduation, he received multiple scholarship offers from various universities throughout the country but he decided not to take any of them due to his decision to go to Cornell University. He made this decision while on a recruiting trip where he met the head coach. He went on to become one of the best players in the history of the university after winning every single match during his sophomore season. He later went on to become an academic all American and received a wide variety of all-ivy awards throughout each year of his college career. As the campus representative, he went on to win the NCAA national doubles tournament and became team captain.

Of course, this didn’t happen until his senior year but he did eventually graduate with distinction and later received his MPA after an extra year at Cornell. Upon the completion of his academics, he went on become a financial analyst for Goldman Sachs and became an associate at Dune Real Estate just three years later. After seven years with the company, he was eventually promoted to partner and now currently serves as their managing director and head of acquisitions. He also has become a member of their investment committee and he has done philanthropic work as well.


How DE Shaw is Using Noncompete in the Wake of Firing a Partner

To those involved with the investment industry, popular hedge fund DE Shaw doesn’t need a formal PowerPoint presentation to be told what it is all about. Operating on a tech-based investment mechanism, DE Shaw uses intelligent algorithms to manipulate market movements and generate profits off of its hedge fund participants.

But given the company’s penchant for opacity, it was no surprise when it suddenly ousted Dan Michalow. See, Dan Michalow is one of its most successful partners. He was kicked out in March 2018. DE Shaw and didn’t give a reason behind its actions until it was reached by an outside news source to confirm the incident.

But even more so than firing Michalow, it’s the company’s actions now that are raising more questions about its culture of keeping its employees in the dark. Very recently, it asked its execs to sign noncompete agreements by September 16, 2019, to ensure that they don’t join a rival firm right after departing DE Shaw. Those who chose not to sign the non-compete were to face the consequences in terms of termination.

What made this interesting was DE Shaw’s insistence about this being only standard practice, while the date coincided with Michalow’s ability to start hiring people for his hedge fund (if any). According to Michalow’s contract, he had to wait only until about mid-September, before he could go ahead with such an action. Given that the employees at DE Shaw were given an ultimatum to sign a noncompete by that date sounds very curious to say the least.

But keeping in line with its company culture, DE Shaw refuses to budge and maintains that the noncompete was standard practice. With the dates now behind us, it is only a matter of a few weeks before it is revealed which employees took the noncompete and which ones took the termination with deferred compensation that the hedge fund offered to them.

The MAGFAST Charger Wants Your Like To Be A Little Easier

Seymour Signet didn’t only work at bringing one revolutionary charger to the market. His innovative company, MAGFAST, now boasts of a family of chargers. The multiple chargers bearing the company’s name can help customers with a range of charging needs. A WallCharger, a TimeCharger for the Apple Watch, and a LifeCharger for everyday use represent three devices in the “family.”

Two features set these particular chargers apart from the ones people are most familiar. The chargers are both magnetic and wireless. A wireless MAGFAST charger wipes out any hassles with tangled chords. You can’t tangle chords if they aren’t necessary for charging anymore. Even if you don’t experience many tangles, there’s another benefit the MAGFAST charger delivers. Since there aren’t any charging cables, you don’t need to upgrade them. Chords do wear out. Replacing them costs money. Going wireless can save you some dollars.

The magnetic aspect of the chargers allows for better organization. You could even connect the magnets together in a decorative manner. Once you look at the positives associated with the MAGFAST family, you see why so many units sold so quickly during the crowdfunding launch.

Seymour Segnit co-founded MAGFAST in 2017. The company and Segnit gained attention when the enterprise’s crowdfunding figures hit an enormous sum within minutes. Segnit did work for some top advertising firms, so his formal background likely played a role in promoting the crowdfunding endeavor.

The MAGFAST charger may benefit from a thoughtful company slogan. “Changing charging for good” is a good mantra. Customers appreciate anything that makes their life more comfortable. Many complain about the troubles typical with traditional charging. The new approach brought by this company could potentially cause some functional changes.

Seymour Segnit states the initial idea for the charger comes from struggling to find the right chargers for his family. Like any resourceful entrepreneur, he set out on making his own.


The Academy of Art University Holds 21st Fashion Show

There are big things going on at the Academy of Art University, and that was proved when the school put on its 21st fashion show recently. Putting on a fashion show has become a regular thing for them now, and they were proud to show off a number of men’s and women’s collections of clothing that were designed by their graduates. The backgrounds of the students who attend Academy of Art University are diverse, and that was seen in the clothing that was created by those students. Everyone brought their own flair to the clothing that they created. The clothing that was created by the students showed what the future of fashion may look like, and the students did a good job with each piece that they created.

 The Academy of Art University is a privately owned school that allows individuals to learn about the world of art. This school is located in San Francisco, CA, and it is a for-profit school. This school is run well, and it allows all those who attend it to learn much about art and about various subcategories such as fashion.

Richard S. Stephens founded the Academy of Art University as a school where people could come to learn about advertising art. He was a painter and a magazine editor, and he used the knowledge that he had gained through both of those jobs to help him as he started the school. His son later took over the running of the school, and his daughter took over after that.

The Academy of Art University is a member of various organizations that prove that they are qualified to handle the job of teaching their students. This school is recognized for what it has to offer to the world and it is loved by many. This school offers a variety of degrees focused on 25 different subjects.

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Funding a Business Through Crowdfunding from James River Capital and Paul Saunders

People have said that small businesses are the backbone of the United States. The people who start these businesses are entrepreneurs. This can be a risky venture as not every business will succeed; however, those who have creativity, passion, drive, and the right funding are more likely to survive in the long run. Of course, it can be a challenge for people to find someone who is willing to fund their business. Their company can only survive on the personal savings of the founder for so long. This is where the CEO of James River Capital, Paul Saunders, can provide some assistance.


James River Capital is a successful asset trading advisor with the SEC. The business was founded close to 25 years ago and now is one of the leading finance companies in the world. Using both his education and experience, Paul Saunders advises individuals and companies on issues such as corporate credit, corporate equity, and trading. He understands that people might have trouble figuring out how to fund a new business idea. One possible source of funding comes from something called crowdfunding.

This is a relatively new way for people to fund their business; however, it involves a large number of people all contributing various levels of money. Some people might only give a few dollars while others might give more. There are numerous platforms out there which can help people start a crowdfunding campaign. Another nice benefit is that the people who contribute their money through this crowdfunding method are not expecting to get their money back; however, a free T-shirt might be nice. 

Furthermore, if the company gives away things like T-shirts, mugs, caps, and keychains to people who contribute, these items double as marketing, helping to spread the word. An effective crowdfunding campaign will need to leverage the idea of social media to raise awareness; however, this can be a great way to get a business going.

Michael Nierenberg Reveals Information About Foreclosures

Foreclosures have been a part of the real estate industry for many years. A foreclosure is a process in which a bank or lending institution seizes a property from a borrower in order to satisfy the mortgage debt. This is done when the borrower has not been able to make payments for three consecutive months nor get up to date on the payment schedule. While foreclosures have been quite common in terms of dealing with delinquent mortgage borrowers, it has a considerable amount of obstacles. These obstacles include difficulty in making a sale at an auction, lost money, losses for mortgage investors and also having to go through a long process to complete a foreclosure.

During the Great Recession, there were a number of foreclosures that were being made. According to data, 4 percent of houses in the United Sates were foreclosed from 2007 through 2010. Over the past few years, there has been a recovery as the foreclosure rate dropped significantly during this time. Today, the foreclosure rate is only half of a percent of households in America. With this improvement, more people are holding onto their homes and staying current on their mortgage. However, foreclosures are always a possibility when the real estate market and the economy begin to decline.

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Gino Pozzo Lifts The Watford F.C. Out Of The Fourth League And Into The Premier League

Gino Pozzo is known for being able to improve failing football clubs so they are able to play in the top leagues in their countries. He serves as the owner of the Watford Football Club in England and is passionate about the sport he has been involved with for many years. When he was a young man, he moved to the USA where he attended Harvard University. It was there that he received his master’s degree before moving to Barcelona, Spain. He later moved to London, and this is when he began to focus even more on football.

Gino Pozzo comes from a family that has been involved with football for many years. In the past, his family served in the woodworking sector, and it is now running a company in Spain that deals with electrical appliances. Pozzo recently admitted that while his family loves focusing on football, it is not the only business they are involved in. He also commented that his family became involved with football because of his father’s passion for the sport as well as the local community where the first team his father purchased was located.

Gino Pozzo began working with his father’s football club during the 1990s. His talent for scouting has helped multiple football clubs since then, and he was the man behind the purchase of the Granada F.C. He was able to help Granada become a much better team within the first two years of working with it. In fact, the football club was able to play on the Primera Liga after he took over. This hasn’t happened for three- and one-half decades. Gino Pozzo has also been able to improve the Watford Club since his family purchased it. When he started working with the team, it was playing in the fourth league. The Watford F.C. are now competing in the Premier League, which is the top league in England.