As We Move Forward With CTRMA

CTRMA is an independent government agency created to help the national government deal with mobility challenges that affect the transport sector in Central Texas. At the helm of this institution is Mike Heiligenstein who continues to lead Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) in the capacity of Executive Director.

Under Mike’s leadership, CTRMA has experienced radical changes. Also, his efforts have helped transform the transport industry of central Texas.

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is also tasked to improve maritime mobility, air travel, and transit services; something that this agency has excelled in since its creation.

Before the inception of CTRMA in 2002, there was a lot of traffic congestion in the region’s road networks primarily because these systems had not been planned and constructed to accommodate an ever increasing human population.

In the past years, infrastructure development has mainly been centered in the city and town centers within Texas, leaving the road networks in suburban areas dilapidated. However, CTRMA plans on improving the situation by increasing road capacity.

Besides, this transportation agency seeks to develop modern road systems with smart technology so as to allow for innovations like driverless automobiles to be used on Texas roads without necessarily posing a threat to the general public.

Also, there are plans to integrate ride-sharing applications into the transportation industry. For instance, a ridesharing app might allow you and a total stranger you share the same location with to utilize the same taxi. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

The above move will not only ease traffic congestion but might also benefit commuters since they share costs with other people for the same journey. In the long run, traffic impedance will be a thing of the past especially in rural Texas where human population is rapidly increasing.

For CTRMA to achieve all these goals, it is working hand in hand with the physical planning department to see to it that zoning requirements remain flexible for infrastructure development. Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority also has great plans in store for parking spaces.

Since vertical parking is a norm today, CTRMA anticipates introducing multistoried facilities that reduce the headroom thus allowing the accommodation of more vehicles as you go vertically.

Therefore, CTRMA under Mike Heiligenstein is optimistic about the future, since it is presently taking contingency measures to ensure that the ever-increasing Texas population has adequate infrastructure to use.

With this in mind, then the region is less likely to encounter mobility challenges in the coming decade.

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc: Serving Clients, Efficiently

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. is a company that has been of a great help to people looking out for mortgages and property documents. Established in 1991, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. services its clients through the numerous report and documentation services that they provide. The company is one which helps their clients find and have the right documents for all their property related issues as well as for papers pertaining to any other official activity. Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. helps their clients with these woes through the research and examination of their matters and documents and also helps them with the formulation of everything they would need to officially get their mortgage or business in place. Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. was first established in California and continues to serve as the headquarters of the company. Besides the office in California, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. has offices in Palm Harbour in the state of Florida. This office was established because of the growing need for more offices of its kind in other parts of the country. The company plans to also expand to other parts of the country to be accessible to a wider audience.


Even with two offices in different parts of the state, it was still not enough to meet the growing demand that Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. was facing from numerous people all over the country. Since it isn’t possible for people to travel to a different state to get their work done, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. thought of a more accessible option to give the customers exactly what they want and need from the organization. Nationwide Title Clearing therefore decided to launch their website to make their services available to a much wider audience, one that they couldn’t reach in the past. Through their website, customers can avail of the same services that they would get from the physical offices of the company, from the comfort of their homes. Customers can expect to be serviced quickly and efficiently, to make sure that all their documents are in order for their needs.


Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. makes sure that it only employs those people who are well versed in the field and who have a good amount of experience. Since each customer coming to the company has different requirements and needs, it becomes essential for the company representatives to properly understand their clients to provide them with the services that are tailored to give them exactly what they need from the Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.


To get updates, follow Nationwide Title Clearing on Twitter.

Hussain Sajwani Deals with President Trump

Hussain Sajwani is a prominent real estate owner who has connections all over the world. In the real estate industry, a robust network is one of the best ways to make money. Hussain Sajwani is the DAMAC owner who has a lot of plans for the company’s future. In the coming years, many people will be excited about the changes that he is making to his company.

Hussain Sajwani is the type of person who is always trying to improve. He wants to continuously meet new people to increase the size of his network. Read more: Hussain Ali Habib Sajwani | Bloomberg and Hussain Sajwani | Forbes

He is also interested in various political campaigns in Dubai. He wants to use his wealth and influence to make a positive impact in the lives of other people.

Early Life

Before Hussain Sajwani became the owner of DAMAC Properties, he worked hard in several careers. He never went to college because he wanted to sell real estate. As a real estate agent, he was able to increase his income substantially. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani: and

He sold dozens of homes each month to clients across the city. He has lived in Dubai his entire life, and he knows the best areas of the city to purchase a property.

After several years of being a real estate agent, Hussain Sajwani decided to focus on other areas of his career. Running a business was a dream of his.

Despite lacking the capital needed, he decided to found DAMAC Properties and start looking for additional opportunities to increase sales.

Donald Trump

Hussain Sajwani is a friend of President Donald Trump. Before President Trump was elected, Hussain Sajwani met with him several times to discuss various real estate deals.

President Donald Trump always talked about how much he enjoyed Dubai. Not only was the weather enjoyable, but the people were friendly. Hussain Sajwani plans to offer new services to his clients to increase sales at his company.

Bob Reina Encourages the Dreamers to Dream

Bob Reina is an entrepreneur that knows about determination. He started a company that initially built video email as the cornerstone of the product line that he was trying to develop. Talk Fusion is the company that he brought to American consumers that were looking for an alternative way to spice up email. Today Talk Fusion is much more than just another email video company.


All of the hard work that Bob Reina did in the beginning would pay off as he climbed to become one of the top vendors of real-time video conferencing. Bob and his team have won awards for the excellence that has been brought forth with this type of environment.


It is evident that more people can stand to take some of the advice that Bob Reina brings forth. He knows about challenges and what it takes to succeed in an industry that you may not even know much about. He knows all of these things because he has taken time to explore what consumers want. He knew about the dreams that he had for themselves, and he wants to urge others to listen to their heart and follow their dreams as well.


Bob really believes that people get stuck into a routine where they get a regular job even if they wanted to do something that was outside of what was considered the north. They look at the way the others live their lives. They look at all of the things that tell them that they cannot do what they thought they wanted to do. Suddenly, the thing that they dreamed of doing with their lives becomes something that gets put on the back burner. They feel like they may be too old or not smart enough to achieve it. They may feel like there are too many roadblocks or too much money that it’s needed to get started with the business idea that they have. He urged people that want to dream to get out there and take a chance. He urges people to at least try before they let fear hold them back. Learn more:

Securus Technologies Tests Drone Detection Prototypes

Drone detection is a primary concern for prisons now that criminals are using drones to transport contraband into prison yards. Securus Technologies, a leading provider of communications and security for law enforcement, government payment services, investigations, corrections and public safety, is adding one more service to its resume. It is launching a pilot drone detection program.



With the advancement of drone technology, more and more people can successfully operate drones. They are less expensive, more powerful and easier to operate. These facts have made it easier for criminals to use drones to smuggle contraband into prison yards using the drones as the transportation. They can easily fly over prison walls and until recently can do so undetected.



Drones have been used to transport drugs, cell phones, cigarettes, knives and guns into prisons. Any of these items can be used to future perpetuate crime. The drugs and cigarettes can be used as payment to solicit criminal actions from others. The cell phones can be used to plan crimes and hire contract killers and thieves while the guns and knives can be used to attack other prisoners and security personnel. Obviously guns and knives can kill and injure in the hands of convicted criminals.



In 2015, a delivery was made by a drone of 1/2 ounce of heroin, two ounces of marijuana and five ounces of tobacco to an Ohio prison. In 2017, a prison attempted an escape. The tools he used for the escape arrived via a drone. Prisons are both seeking to detect unwanted drones and to use drones for the detection of smugglers in prisons surrounded by water such as the Cayman Island Prison Service.



Securus Technology has combined forces with engineers and some technology partners to develop the detection technology that will identify drones well before they reach prison air space. So far, they have spent 18 months researching and testing technology options. Now, they are ready to start actual prison yard testing of the drone detection technology.


The current construction of drone detection technology involves a digital antennae infrastructure. It’s very much like the Wireless Containment system Securus utilizes to stop the completion of unauthorized cell phone calls from inside the prison. It has been installed and is currently being tested. With continued trials, additional resources and more investments Securus will continue to improve the technology until it is 100% effective at detecting drones.


It’s imperative that prisoners do not have access to harmful substances and weapons. The drone detection program is the most important new program needed to promote safety in prisons worldwide. Securus Technologies can continue serving the 3,500 government agencies and 1,200,000 inmates, knowing that their safety is not being compromised by the infiltration of drones and the contraband they carry.


Rocketship Education Bridges the Education Gap for Low Income Students

Public school systems in the United States have been a debate for decades. Many have accused the system of providing a quality of education that is equivalent to the income status of the neighborhood that its in. Because of this, students that live in lower income neighborhoods are often victims of lower quality education, technology that isn’t up to standard, and lack of books and other resources that would enhance their education. This creates an achievement gap–one in which students from low-income areas are at an educational disadvantage because of their circumstances at home rather than their efforts in school.

One entrepreneur, Preston Smith, set out to change this standard of education in 2006. He, along with his partner John Danner, founded Rocketship Education (RSED). RSED is a public charter school network that aims to provide top quality education for students of low income neighborhoods. Their vision began with a single school in San Jose, California that exceeded expectations. Shortly after the opening of the first school, many more followed and now RSED has schools in four different states in the United States.

RSED is a non-profit 501 organization that provides free tuition to children in low income areas. Over 90% of their students receive free school lunch and the students have access to the nations top teachers and advanced technology. RSED has received over $3.3 million in grants and venture capital to fund the network of schools. Many high-profile people such as Mark Zuckerburg and Andre Agassi have made donations to RSED to ensure its continued success.

RSED has been achieving outstanding results in every state that their schools are located in. Innovate Public Schools released a study in 2016 of the top performing schools in the Bay area. Six of RSED’s school were listed in the report. In Milwalkee, Rocketship ranks #4 in math and English Language Arts performance charter schools serving 84 predominantly low-income areas. In Washington D.C., RSED earned Tier 1 status which is the highest rank for public schools in the area. Rocketship Education will continue to expand, making a huge positive impact on education throughout the United States for students in low-income areas.

End Citizens United Spreading The Awareness About The Misuse Of Big Money In Politics

One of the primary reasons why common people have lost the interest in politics, in general, is because the prevailing notion is that the government anyways cares only for the rich and the wealthy. Every election, the politicians come and promise a lot, but do nothing at all. It is a story that is being repeated for many years. One of the reasons why the politics, as well as politicians, have become so corrupted is because the amount of money flowing into the elections is unaccountable and just way too much. The corporate companies are using their money to influence the politicians as well as manipulate the voters, and which is a trick that has been working fine for many years. However, lately, the awareness among the people has been rising, and they are speaking against the use of corporate money in politics.

ECU is what has influenced many politicians who are also pledging to stop using the corporate money, and only run their election campaign through the grassroots donations. One of the grassroots funded PAC that has been actively trying to overturn the Supreme Court verdict of 2010 in the Citizens United lawsuit is End Citizens United. It is PAC that has been seeking to constitutionally protest as well as overturn the Supreme Court decision so that the amount of money the corporate companies and wealthy individuals put into the elections to back their favorite politicians have some amount of accountability according to At present, there is no limit on how much individuals and enterprises can spend on elections. It has become a massive issue in the country, as it is causing the public to mistrust the politicians who are supported by corporate companies.

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It is essential that the politicians participate in the elections in a neutral fashion and does not use vast amounts of money in the way they run their election campaigns. It becomes more of a glamorous affair and destroys the integrity of the elections as such because the flow of money has the potential to manipulate the voters. Recently, many of the politicians have been pledging to stop using the corporate cash. Two of the most recent politicians who decided they wouldn’t be accepting Corporate PAC backed money are Kirsten Gillibrand and Cory Booker, who is also much appreciated by End Citizens United for their decision. They are endorsed by End Citizens United for denouncing Corporate PAC. With time, ECU believes that more and more politicians would join the race to end the use of Big Money in politics. It would help make the politics a clean patriotic affair it once was. End Citizens United hopes to spread the awareness across the country to every nook and corner in the coming times.

For more information about End Citizens United, just click here.

Protect Or Preserve Your Smile With MB2 Dental

Thousands of patients have turned to cosmetic dentistry to improve their confidence with their smile. Face-to-face communication and effectively interacting with your employees requires the proper oral care health. Dr. Chris Villanueva, lead dental professional at MB2 Dental is against the traditional course of dentistry with mew technologically advanced features. Say goodbye to uncomfortable dentistry and lengthy recovery times with exclusive features with personalized care options. Their free consultation lets you shape your comprehensive dentistry model. Your dentistry is comprised of the input of you and your doctor. You choose what works best for your teeth and puts your needs first.

Why Choose MB2 Dental Care

MB2 Dental provides a personalized dental care experience with their patients at the forefront of your care. They have a great location fir your to get back to work to work or school faster after your dental appointment. Their patient oriented care makes their customers feel like they’re being included in their dental care plan. MB2 will let you have the benefits of being a part of the dental plan designed to last you a lifetime. Get the best out of visiting a dental professional that is highly trained and skilled in dentistry.

MB2 Dental Services

– dental x-rays

– oral cancer screening

– dentistry referrals

– orthodontist work

– dental counseling

– cosmetic dentistry

– braces clear/traditional

– payment plan options

– jaw realignment

– crooked/knocked-out/spaced teeth

– pediatric dentistry

– and more…

Locate one of many MB2 Dental offices when you need emergency, regardless, of your limited income. Their dental care specialist will find a payment plan to help you get the treatment you need for your teeth. Great teeth can help you been confident about your appearance. Dr. Villanueva, MB2 Dental lead dentist suggests early dentistry for children to avoid future dental costs.If your child is at the early age of beginning to brush their teeth, MB2 gives them a the basics of brushing, why their teeth are important to their health, oral care tools, how to brush properly, and introduce your child to floss. Get a fun fact sheet for your child after every visit to teach them some fun facts about their teeth. Don’t trust your smile to any dentist that will make your dental care visit feel like just another number. You’re invited to visit a MB2 Dental office today to schedule an appointment and take a tour of their office today.

Malcolm CasSelle: The Global Leader in Virtual Assets

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of the leading bitcoin merchant company known as OpSkins. Currently, the founder of OpSkins is developing a new blockchain program to be used in virtual asset trading that the creators have named Worldwide Asset Exchanged, or WAX.
WAX rectifies two of the largest issues found in virtual benefit markets, which are fragmentation and fraud thanks to the use of blockchain, which grants users the ability to buy and sell assets without having to leave their game. WAX also allows users to tokenize their game credits in order to quickly buy and sell with other players seamless and effortlessly.
Malcolm CasSelle graduated from MIT with a bachelor’s degree and from Stanford University with his master’s degree; both of which in computer sciences. Aside from being the CIO of OpSkins and the president of WAX, Malcolm CasSelle has a plethora of accomplishments under his belt. Before his presidency of WAX, he was the CTO and president of a previous company known as New Ventures as Tronc Inc.; otherwise known as Tribune Publishing.
Malcolm’s early beginnings start when he co-founded NetNoir in 1995. Later, he became a senior vice president and direct advisor for the CEO of Pacific Century CyberWorks between the years of 1998 and 2002. Around the same time, he had become the top executive of Groupon’s joint project with China’s leading gaming platform, TenCent. By 2012, Malcolm became the CEO of Xfire, which was a social network for game players.
In 2013, CasSelle was the CEO for Media Pass. Also, during 2013, he co-founded and was CEO for Timeline Labs, which ended up being taken over by SeaChange International in 2014. At which point, Malcolm became the Senior Vice President and the general manager of digital media for SeaChange. Malcolm CasSelle is one of the leading proprietors of the digital world today and continues to climb the corporate ladder to success.

Jim Larkin Disregards Donald Trump for his Pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Phoenix New Times owner Jim Larkin discussed the pardon of former Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Sheriff Arpaio held this office for 24 years. Many people considered him to be one of the worst law enforcement officials within the state of Arizona.

He was convicted in July 2017 for contempt of court regarding racial profiling practices. His office was ordered by a judge to cease from performing this type of practice but Arpaio continued to run his office using this unlawful tactic.

In November of 2017, Jim Larkin provided some input about this matter. He personally knew about Joe Arpaio’s corruption since he was a former victim of this man’s wrongdoing. In 2007, Jim Larkin and his Phoenix New Times co-owner, Michael Lacey were both illegally imprisoned by Sheriff Arpaio. The sheriff had them locked up because they exposed his illegal activities to the public through their newspaper.

Larkin and Lacey were both forced out of their home late at night and taken to jail. They were also being required to give up the identities of the customers that subscribed to their newspaper. The men were held in separate jails, but both were released in less than 24 hours. There was a public outcry for their freedom. Sheriff Arpaio knew that he had to let them go or suffer from the bad publicity. Learn more about Michael Lacey Jim Larkin: and

Eventually, an Arizona court agreed that Larkin and Lacey were both illegally detained. Ultimately, they awarded the men a huge settlement. Larkin and Lacey used most of this money to start the Frontera Fund. This monetary benefit helps to fund migrant, immigration and civil rights organizations.

Jim Larkin was not happy about Sheriff Arpaio’s pardon by Donald Trump. He did not like the fact that Arpaio used his pull with the president to get away with illegal activity. Larkin pointed out that Sheriff Arpaio aligned himself with Donald Trump when he first announced his bid for president. Somehow Sheriff Arpaio knew that Trump was going to win this job.

The former Arizona lawman went out of his way to support Trump. He did this back in 2016 and continued to provide support after Trump’s election. After President Trump took office, the sheriff appealed to him for aid during his time of crisis. President Trump gave him a pardon and many people were upset behind this decision. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin |

Sources confirm that Sheriff Arpaio was a dishonest sheriff. He ran an illegal prison camp back in 1993. Some sources claim that he called this camp “his personal concentration camp”. The jails that were operated by Arpaio was filled with death, corruption and abuse. People not only lost their lives in Arpaio’s facilities, they were also mutilated and mangled. The sheriff was even known for racial profiling and his strong ill-will toward illegal immigrants.

Jim Larkin doesn’t agree with Trump’s pardon of Arpaio. He sees it as a smart political move by the former sheriff. Arpaio is no longer in office but he still can influence law enforcement practices in Maricopa County.

Jim Larkin wanted this man to be jailed for his sins. However, Trump’s pardon has stopped that from happening. Larkin might not be thrilled about Sheriff Arpaio’s exoneration but he is happy that Arpaio is no longer a leading law official in Arizona.

How Boraie Is Easing The Housing Crunch In New Jersey

The Philly Purge recently ran an article about one of Boraie Development’s residential towers in the state of New Jersey. The article says that there are severe housing shortages in New Jersey as well as too many homes where the mortgage is either in foreclosure or hasn’t been paid in quite a long time. Addressing the housing shortage issue is paramount to addressing home affordability issues in a state that is densely populated.

Realtor Chief Economist Lawrence Yun had said that in the short term he expects that the housing shortage is going to get worse before it gets better. There’s presently too many buyers and not enough sellers when it comes to single family homes. He thinks there’s an inventory bottleneck and once that is resolved it could lead to too many new properties going up for sale at once. This will create a situation that will result in sellers rushing to sell their homes which could make the situation go from bad to worse.

According to NJ Biz, Boraie Development is one of the companies looking to improve the real estate situation in New Jersey. They have been considered one of the best property developers in the industry. This company was founded over twenty years ago and is headquartered in New Brunswick. For the most part they use privately raised capital in order to fund the towers that they build. Over the years they have partnered with commercial banks as well as professionals in the real estate industry like architects and construction companies. The professionals they do business with are those who are excellent when it comes to meeting deadlines in a high-quality manner. For more details visit Crunchbase.

The towers that Boraie Development builds and manages are mostly luxury properties. The residential units can be condos or apartments depending on what the New Jersey market needs more of. Their building also usually include office space on the lower levels and spaces on the street level for retail businesses to inhabit. They manage all of the properties they build including marketing, sales, and maintenance.

Sam Boraie is the owner and chief executive officer of Boraie Development. He is originally from Egypt and he says that New Brunswick now looks nothing like it did when he first arrived in 1972. He said there were far too many uninhabitable and rundown properties and night it was a ghost town because of all the crime. Due to his efforts and others New Brunswick now has a thriving downtown.


Brazilian Alexandre Gama Is The Most Well-Known In Industry

There is perhaps no better well-known advertising mind in Brazil than Neogama Founder and CEO, Alexandre Gama. After graduating from the esteemed Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP) in 1982, Gama worked for close to a decade as a copywriter for Standard & Ogilvy. He then took a Creative Director positon with DM9 in 1990. After a few years there he took over as CEO at Young & Rubicam before launching his Neogama in 1999. He has been in this business for close to four decades and is an industry giant. His creativity and leadership ability has afforded him the opportunity to teach a Masterclass and be a jury member/foreman at the Cannes Film Festival, and be recognized as one of the world’s premiere advertising minds.