As We Move Forward With CTRMA

CTRMA is an independent government agency created to help the national government deal with mobility challenges that affect the transport sector in Central Texas. At the helm of this institution is Mike Heiligenstein who continues to lead Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) in the capacity of Executive Director.

Under Mike’s leadership, CTRMA has experienced radical changes. Also, his efforts have helped transform the transport industry of central Texas.

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is also tasked to improve maritime mobility, air travel, and transit services; something that this agency has excelled in since its creation.

Before the inception of CTRMA in 2002, there was a lot of traffic congestion in the region’s road networks primarily because these systems had not been planned and constructed to accommodate an ever increasing human population.

In the past years, infrastructure development has mainly been centered in the city and town centers within Texas, leaving the road networks in suburban areas dilapidated. However, CTRMA plans on improving the situation by increasing road capacity.

Besides, this transportation agency seeks to develop modern road systems with smart technology so as to allow for innovations like driverless automobiles to be used on Texas roads without necessarily posing a threat to the general public.

Also, there are plans to integrate ride-sharing applications into the transportation industry. For instance, a ridesharing app might allow you and a total stranger you share the same location with to utilize the same taxi. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

The above move will not only ease traffic congestion but might also benefit commuters since they share costs with other people for the same journey. In the long run, traffic impedance will be a thing of the past especially in rural Texas where human population is rapidly increasing.

For CTRMA to achieve all these goals, it is working hand in hand with the physical planning department to see to it that zoning requirements remain flexible for infrastructure development. Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority also has great plans in store for parking spaces.

Since vertical parking is a norm today, CTRMA anticipates introducing multistoried facilities that reduce the headroom thus allowing the accommodation of more vehicles as you go vertically.

Therefore, CTRMA under Mike Heiligenstein is optimistic about the future, since it is presently taking contingency measures to ensure that the ever-increasing Texas population has adequate infrastructure to use.

With this in mind, then the region is less likely to encounter mobility challenges in the coming decade.

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc: Serving Clients, Efficiently

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. is a company that has been of a great help to people looking out for mortgages and property documents. Established in 1991, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. services its clients through the numerous report and documentation services that they provide. The company is one which helps their clients find and have the right documents for all their property related issues as well as for papers pertaining to any other official activity. Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. helps their clients with these woes through the research and examination of their matters and documents and also helps them with the formulation of everything they would need to officially get their mortgage or business in place. Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. was first established in California and continues to serve as the headquarters of the company. Besides the office in California, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. has offices in Palm Harbour in the state of Florida. This office was established because of the growing need for more offices of its kind in other parts of the country. The company plans to also expand to other parts of the country to be accessible to a wider audience.


Even with two offices in different parts of the state, it was still not enough to meet the growing demand that Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. was facing from numerous people all over the country. Since it isn’t possible for people to travel to a different state to get their work done, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. thought of a more accessible option to give the customers exactly what they want and need from the organization. Nationwide Title Clearing therefore decided to launch their website to make their services available to a much wider audience, one that they couldn’t reach in the past. Through their website, customers can avail of the same services that they would get from the physical offices of the company, from the comfort of their homes. Customers can expect to be serviced quickly and efficiently, to make sure that all their documents are in order for their needs.


Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. makes sure that it only employs those people who are well versed in the field and who have a good amount of experience. Since each customer coming to the company has different requirements and needs, it becomes essential for the company representatives to properly understand their clients to provide them with the services that are tailored to give them exactly what they need from the Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.


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OSI Group Continues To Grow And Improve Its Offerings As It Acquires Rose Packing Co.

OSI Group continues to expand into new territory as it focuses on improving its offerings in multiple parts of the world. The company recently acquired Rose Packing Co., and its senior executive vice president, Kevin Scott, couldn’t be happier. He commented that the purchase will help to complement what OSI already has to offer to its customers. Rose will provide the company with new processing abilities and a chance to increase sales. He went on to talk more about how the two companies share a similar business culture that is focused solely on the needs of customers. Rose Packing Co. offers best pork products to its customers, and it operates a plant in Chicago. The company was created during the mid 1920s and employs over 700 people currently.

Rose provides customers with meatballs, boneless turkey, breakfast sausages, Canadian bacon, and a whole lot more. The CEO of Rose Packing, Dwight Stiehl, will be staying with the company as will the rest of the company’s leadership team. Stiel is looking forward to working with OSI Group and feels that two companies will work well together. Today, OSI Group is one of the largest food companies in all of the world. It was recently named one of the top 100 private food companies in the United States and is now operating over 65 facilities all around the globe. OSI has 20,000 employees on its payroll and has continued to make the kinds of acquisitions and purchases that have helped it grow.

OSI Group was built in 1909 and started out as butcher and meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. Otto Kolschowsky is the founder of the company, and he moved to the United States from Germany just a couple years prior to the creation of his food company. During the late 1920s, he renamed his company Otto & Sons because his two sons began working with him. It wasn’t until the 1970s that his company became OSI Group. This was the same decade that OSI began to rapidly expand into new regions of the U.S. and the rest of the business world. The company is now valued at more than $6 billion.

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EOS Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm Review

The new EOS Strawberry Lip Balm is a new favorite of those who love the EOS products. This lip balm has some great benefits including hydrating the lips and keeping them moisturized throughout the day. It is a USDA certified organic lip balm, 100% natural, and never tested on animals.

The EOS Strawberry Lip Balm is made with sunflower seed oil, beeswax, coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, olive oil, and strawberry fruit extract for that delicious smell and taste! The ingredients come from sustainably sourced distributors and are gluten-free. These lip balms do not contain parabens or metro-chemicals. They are some of the safest, organic products on the market today!

Fans of the EOS Strawberry Lip Balm have given it rave reviews. It has a wonderful flavor and smells delicious. It keeps the lips silky and smooth for long periods of time. This is key during cold winters where lips seems to chap and crack all winter long. This lip balm can help lips to heal from serious chapping and cracking during these months.

One of the best things about EOS’ Strawberry Lip Balm is just how long it lasts! Fans of it have said they only had to reapply it two to three times after first applying it. This is big for a lip balm because generally they need to be applied more often.

EOS has done it again with this fantastic lip balm! Not only does it taste and smell amazing, but it is long-lasting and will make lips feel softer after each application.

Felipe Montoro Jens, Man of Many Hats

By: David Keith


PPP stands for Public Private Partnerships. These partnerships are the way Felipe Montoro Jens handles a wide range of infrastructure projects in Brazil. He also uses his experience and contacts to consult and link the government of Brazil with private businesses to take on infrastructure projects that come along.

Felipe Montoro Jens has garnered a wonderful reputation and made these contacts by holding multiple seats and multiple positions on the boards of many companies in Brazil. In so doing he has become the man of many hats. This has led to many opportunities which allow him to consult for companies all over the world. Read this article at about Felipe Montoro Jens

When Felipe Montoro Jens is consulted he is looking to see where a person, business, or government is being fiscally wasteful. He looks for strategic ways to rip that away and find ways for the client to be more efficient and in turn more profitable. Because of his many years of experience and the contacts he has procured. He is sought after to make the decisions that are needed to be made to keep his clients efficient and focused. Working with heavyweights such as Enel, Brazkem, and Price Waterhouse Cooper has allowed Felipe Montoro Jens to flex his international muscles which allowed him to experience different markets and garner new relationships for him to build upon.

The work that really shows Felipe Montoro Jens artistry is in the realm of infrastructure on a grand scale. Working with the Brazilian government cleaning up the financial waste that results in governmental spending. His ability to wear the many hats that his experience and knowledge affords him to wear, along with the many contacts that he has acquired over the years allows him to attack any situation with PPP as his weapon of choice.



It is a wonderful feeling after hearing that our oil and gas industry is improving. Matt Fleeger, Gulf Coast Western, LLC’s CEO and acting President and along with other partnerships are making it a priority to improve this industry by focusing on available oil reserves located in the gulf coast region of the United States. Their objective is to develop and acquire the necessary product so consumers will have it when people need.

Gulf Coast Western, LLC, is a family owned business now located in Dallas, Texas. Starting in 1970 it has formed other locations in Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and Colorado. Exploration and acquisitions are keeping Matt Fleeger and their partners, Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners very busy developing hundreds of projects in the Louisiana parishes.

Another one of Gulf Coast Western’s partnerships that have expanded to bring in over 4 million barrels of oil is with Dallas-based Northcote Energy Ltd. Gulf Coast. By acquiring 50 percent of Northcote’s assets, Gulf Coast Western, LLC has encompassed a multi-well drilling program in the Wilcox, Frio, and Cockfield formations.

Gulf Coast Western, LLC is proud of Matt Fleeger who is acknowledged for having expertise in the oil and gas, waste management and tanning industries. Matt is highly regarded for his knowledge of business planning, group leadership, abilities in negotiations and entrepreneurial efforts and as well as the founder of MedSolutions, Inc., a diversified holding company specializing in the transportation, disposal, and treatment of medical wastes produced by healthcare companies. Matt Fleeger entered the tanning industry after selling MedSolutions. Then he developed, Palm Beach Tan, into one of the largest indoor tanning companies known.

With Matt Fleeger at the helm of Gulf Coast Western, LLL we await them improving the oil and gas industries for the world.


Betsy DeVos Created A Foundation During The 1990s That Offered Scholarships To Low-Income Families

Betsy DeVos has always been a reformer in the educational industry in the United States. Her interest in politics began when she attended Calvin College as a young woman. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in business economics at the college and went on to serve as the chairman for the Michigan Republican Party for six years. DeVos is connected to many different non profit organizations that are in existence to improve America’s school system. She is a member of the board for the Foundation for Excellence in Education serves as a the chairman of the Alliance for School Choice.


Betsy DeVos has been working to promote educational choice for many years and believes that the movement is doing very well these days. It has been more than two and a half decades since Wisconsin launched the first private school voucher program in the U.S., and many other states have done the same since. DeVos recently commented during an interview that there are now 17 states in the country that have private choice programs, and some of these states include Pennsylvania, Indiana, Ohio, Louisiana, and new Hampshire. While Florida is leading the way with its educational choice legislation, Indiana recently began to support thousands of students with its own legislation. These students will now be able to attend a private school or charter school because their tuition fees will be covered.


While many politicians and other leaders are just starting to support the educational choice movement, Betsy DeVos has been around since its earlier days. She first began to support students by helping to pay for their tuition fees into private and charter schools. During the 1990s, she started up a foundation that offered scholarships to poor families, which allowed them to send their children to a school of their choosing. DeVos soon realized a lot more would need to be done to help out with the problem on a national level. Soon after this, she became involved with the American Education Reform Council and Children First America.


Betsy DeVos recently caused quite a stir when she made a public appearance with Armando Christian Pérez. Armando is known to most people by his rap moniker Pitbull. People were taken aback by her making an appearance with Pitbull because many of his rap songs are full of cuss words and misogynistic themes. As a maverick in her field, DeVos has always been known to walk her own walk, and she appeared with Pitbull to support a charter school he created in Florida. She also visited many other charter schools in the sunshine state during her trip, and she plans on continuing to support Florida as leaders there fight for the rights of students.


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The Role of LocationSmart Company

LocationSmart is a location-as-a-service (LaaS) private company which is based in Carlsbad, California. It was previously known as TechnoCom Location Platform. It is mainly involved in the provision of APIs and operation of secure, cloud-based and privacy protected platforms.

LocationSmart has been widely utilized in smartphones, feature phones, tablets, M2M and IoT on wireless networks. Such networks in the United States include Tier wire and Tier 2, which has various types such as AT&T, Verizon, Bell Canada, Rogers Communications, and T-mobile US, among others.

The company serves various enterprises and Fortune companies. The company utilizes various location methods such as cellular network location, WI-FI location, IP address location, landline location and hybrid location. This is achieved through a software development kit (SDK), global site identification location and browser site.

This enables the company to offer unique services to a wide range of clients, including online gaming within the jurisdiction of US states. As the name of the company states, it allows people to obtain the real-time location of any mobile phone utilizing the main wireless networks in the United States. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Owler

Through the company’s location services, it is now possible to use smart gadgets for weather updates, news and banking. To acquire such services, users are required to share personal information, and this is only achieved through location Smart. People have seen the unlimited benefits of their smart devices after sharing their personal information. Some of these services are personalized; for instance, you get the traffic updates on your way to work and reminders of your morning run.

LocationSmart maximizes your safety and security as your family will always know your whereabouts. This makes parents feel safe by letting children own smartphones. Researchers have it that a high percentage of smartphones utilize location-based applications features that enable them to make real-time travels. This has made navigations very easy, and people can make local travels at various prestigious and historic sites at their own convenience.

The company has helped various organizations and institutions to acquire helpful data that enables them to act promptly more so in cases of emergencies. For instance, a lot of older adults have been rescued from compromising situations as a result of identification of their locations.

LocationSmart has been found essential by business leaders who are now in a position to make relevant decisions based on their brand’s location. Location data is the only way to avoid making business speculations in the modern world. As a result, marketing managers are able to benefit optimally from the supply chain.

This has been to be very practical in maintaining marketing consistency in e-commerce. The company provides a promising future for a flourishing lifestyle and business world.

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Why Switch to Agera Energy?

There are a lot of benefits to making the switch over to the Agera Energy company when you know you need an option that works for you. Read more about Agera Energy on

When you go online and check out the Facebook page that they have, you can get a feel for why Agera Energy is so trusted over a lot of other options. There are so many reasons you will want to give Agera Energy a try for yourself and it is important that you make use of the different options they have for you.


There are lots of people who go on the Agera Energy Facebook page and see what others are saying about the company. By some of the reviews online, it has never been easier for you to get to know this option and to see why it is something that is going to help you and get you the energy that you need. Learn more about Agera Energy at Linkedin.


Richard Liu Has Redefined The Concept Of Fast Delivery, And His Customers Are The Winners

Richard Liu Qiangdong is an entrepreneur and the owner of one of China’s largest online retailers. Qiangdong, who is also known as Richard Liu, is the Chairman of organization. His company is called Jingdong, and it is known to its Chinese shoppers as It reportedly generates sales revenue that amounts to many billions of dollars in USD each year.

Richard Liu was born in China in the Suqian, Jiangsu province. He was raised in the province, and Richard’s mother and father made their living as owners of shipping business. He learned early on the challenges of operating a small business. Richard Liu Qiangdong had the mindset of an entrepreneur at a young age, and there was little doubt in his mind that he would someday be a business owner as well.

Richard Liu Qiangdong graduated from the People’s University of China. It was a few years later that Richard founded Jingdong with big dreams and little money. Today, his e-commerce enterprise caters to the Chinese consumer with two basic fundamentals in place. sells electronics, clothing, jewelry, groceries, cell phone plans, baby needs, tires, and thousands of other consumer products and services. Richard Liu Qiangdong partners with major retailers that operate online stores on the website, and they then have access to Jingdong’s millions of shoppers. and Richard Liu are committed to offering their customers high-end authentic merchandise and same day delivery. The company operates hundreds of warehouse facilities throughout China.

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The Leading Community Bank in Dallas

NexBank capital, Inc. immerged position three in the top-ranked banks in the United States of America. The rank that was based on efficiency, equity and the quality of the assets in S and P Global Market Intelligence. It was position 1 in the country based on the annual returns an average tangible common equity (ROATCE). It took position 3 two times in both efficiency ratio which earned it $3billion and the Texas ratio among the bank in the US with $10 billion in assets. In the ranking, S&P Global Market Intelligence was the best performing community bank in the states with $ 3 to 10 billion in assets in line with six primary financial performance metric in the last 12 months period that ended on December 31, 2018.

About NexBank

This is a financial institution that offers financial services to its clients through mortgage banking, institutional services, and commercial banking. It offers customized banking and financial services to financial institutions, corporations, and institutions throughout the nation and beyond. The company’s mission is to serve clients with quality financial solutions throughout its operations. It offers unpatrolled access to financial advice and solution for its clients through the qualified financial professional with a track record of excellence.

Based on, the company has an experienced team of leaders and executives that are geared towards proper management and service delivery. The team has one main aim, to offer its clients with financial solutions through innovation, initiatives, and insights. NexBank Capital is not only committed to serving its clients but also give back to the community where it operates. It helps the people of Dallas through financial education, loan programs, economic development, and community services. It strives to make the people of Dallas live in a sustainable environment together with the surrounding communities.

This bank has partnered with other organizations to offer low-income earners low-interest loans. The aim is to help them take affordable loans to develop their lives and businesses. It also supports the veterans in Texas through donations and grants to see them live better lives. In addition to this, Nexbank has endeavored to educate the low-income earners on the best ways to manage and save funds for better living standards.





What Fortress Investment Group- Softbank Deal Means To Clients And The Future Of The Company

In the last 24 months, a lot has happened in the world of investment management. However, the biggest news in 2018 was Fortress Investment Group new direction in terms of the company’s new ownership. Pundits believe that Softbank deal with the company is a game changer in the world of investment management and more specifically — in the company’s future in this niche. According to the company’s management, the deal with the Japanese entity will enable the company to achieve the following.

First, the new identity will enable the company to continue with its important projects across the globe. Fortress Investment Group remains one of the most effective companies in this niche, and the new funding was not only timely for the company but also critical for the company’s operations. According to the management, Softbank partnership will enable the company to continue creating brilliant policies and projects in the world of investments.

Second, the management of Fortress Investment Group believes that the new funding will also enable the company in expanding its efficiency. Although the company is one of the best run companies in the world of investment management, the availability of funds will enable the company to invest in research. In the investment world, making decisions from an informed point of view is vital, and the management of this firm believes that the company now has the capacity to invest more resources in research.

In addition to the purchase of this company and the new identity, the management believes that the future of the company depends on the company’s diversity in the investment world. In the last three years, for example, different principals from this company have invested in different projects. One of the principals has invested in a club in the English soccer league. The other has invested and partnered with other companies in the investment space — all with the aim of making Fortress Investment Group home to diversity.

Although the company has changed how it approaches investments and expansion, Fortress Investment Group is still home to unmatched professionalism and client-centered policies. The main reason why the company is client-centered — even after massive expansion missions in other markets — is the entity’s blueprint that views clients as the reason for the company’s existence.

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