As We Move Forward With CTRMA

CTRMA is an independent government agency created to help the national government deal with mobility challenges that affect the transport sector in Central Texas. At the helm of this institution is Mike Heiligenstein who continues to lead Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority (CTRMA) in the capacity of Executive Director.

Under Mike’s leadership, CTRMA has experienced radical changes. Also, his efforts have helped transform the transport industry of central Texas.

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is also tasked to improve maritime mobility, air travel, and transit services; something that this agency has excelled in since its creation.

Before the inception of CTRMA in 2002, there was a lot of traffic congestion in the region’s road networks primarily because these systems had not been planned and constructed to accommodate an ever increasing human population.

In the past years, infrastructure development has mainly been centered in the city and town centers within Texas, leaving the road networks in suburban areas dilapidated. However, CTRMA plans on improving the situation by increasing road capacity.

Besides, this transportation agency seeks to develop modern road systems with smart technology so as to allow for innovations like driverless automobiles to be used on Texas roads without necessarily posing a threat to the general public.

Also, there are plans to integrate ride-sharing applications into the transportation industry. For instance, a ridesharing app might allow you and a total stranger you share the same location with to utilize the same taxi. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

The above move will not only ease traffic congestion but might also benefit commuters since they share costs with other people for the same journey. In the long run, traffic impedance will be a thing of the past especially in rural Texas where human population is rapidly increasing.

For CTRMA to achieve all these goals, it is working hand in hand with the physical planning department to see to it that zoning requirements remain flexible for infrastructure development. Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority also has great plans in store for parking spaces.

Since vertical parking is a norm today, CTRMA anticipates introducing multistoried facilities that reduce the headroom thus allowing the accommodation of more vehicles as you go vertically.

Therefore, CTRMA under Mike Heiligenstein is optimistic about the future, since it is presently taking contingency measures to ensure that the ever-increasing Texas population has adequate infrastructure to use.

With this in mind, then the region is less likely to encounter mobility challenges in the coming decade.

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc: Serving Clients, Efficiently

Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. is a company that has been of a great help to people looking out for mortgages and property documents. Established in 1991, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. services its clients through the numerous report and documentation services that they provide. The company is one which helps their clients find and have the right documents for all their property related issues as well as for papers pertaining to any other official activity. Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. helps their clients with these woes through the research and examination of their matters and documents and also helps them with the formulation of everything they would need to officially get their mortgage or business in place. Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. was first established in California and continues to serve as the headquarters of the company. Besides the office in California, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. has offices in Palm Harbour in the state of Florida. This office was established because of the growing need for more offices of its kind in other parts of the country. The company plans to also expand to other parts of the country to be accessible to a wider audience.


Even with two offices in different parts of the state, it was still not enough to meet the growing demand that Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. was facing from numerous people all over the country. Since it isn’t possible for people to travel to a different state to get their work done, Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. thought of a more accessible option to give the customers exactly what they want and need from the organization. Nationwide Title Clearing therefore decided to launch their website to make their services available to a much wider audience, one that they couldn’t reach in the past. Through their website, customers can avail of the same services that they would get from the physical offices of the company, from the comfort of their homes. Customers can expect to be serviced quickly and efficiently, to make sure that all their documents are in order for their needs.


Nationwide Title Clearing Inc. makes sure that it only employs those people who are well versed in the field and who have a good amount of experience. Since each customer coming to the company has different requirements and needs, it becomes essential for the company representatives to properly understand their clients to provide them with the services that are tailored to give them exactly what they need from the Nationwide Title Clearing Inc.


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The Work Schedule of Glenn Schlossberg and Its Impact on the Fashion Sector

Glenn Schlossberg is continuously succeeding in the highly competitive fashion industry because of his outstanding skill set. As the founder of Jump Design Group, Glenn Schlossberg seeks constantly strategies that retain his significance in the market. Mr. Glenn acquired his fashion expertise design from the operations of his father. During his childhood, Glenn spent a significant amount of time in his father’s dress factory learning the numerous procedures of producing clothing differently. This invaluable experience thus propels his success in the market. Currently, Jump Design Group establishes under the labels of iconic personalities including Bebe, Tiana B., Macy, and Marina. Under Glenn’s management, Jump Design focuses on producing quality materials, which align with the latest fashion trending in the fashion industry.

Throughout his profession, Schlossberg delights in his founding of the Jump Design in 1990. Since its inception, he has guided the organization towards drastic growth. His company has influenced numerous people through the creation of job opportunities. As an executive, Glenn Schlossberg works under a very tight schedule. His days begin early in the morning with some physical exercise. Often, Glenn’s dressings consist of a suit and a tie. Mr. Schlossberg postulates that you will hunt a buffalo successfully if you dress like one. At work, Glenn oversees all the company’s operations including chairing meetings and pioneering conferences. Besides engaging in his routine office operations, Glenn Schlossberg delight in his achievement as a philanthropist. According to Glenn, giving back to the community fosters joy within him and that of his family.

His identified influence in society entailed his donation worth $1 million to the Joel Finklestein Cancer Foundation.

Besides, Glenn Schlossberg participated in a philanthropic course, which involved teaching budding entrepreneurs in the inner city institutions. Mr. Schlossberg also values traveling because it supplements his ideas, which impact the fashion industry significantly. Often, Glenn Schlossberg visits different factories situated in Asia, which gives him concepts and thoughts concerning new designs for competitive advantage. Currently, Mr. Glenn is planning for his trip to London. Glenn reveals that he is going to London to speculate its fashion market. As such, his activities during the London visitation include visiting malls and conducting shopping with his designers. Glenn Schlosberg and the designers will also utilize the design service making him acquire essential elements to incorporate in his fashion for improvement. Glenn has sourced out relevant lessons throughout his career. He understands that hard work, dedication and persistence bring forth achievements.

Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, LLC. His food company started out as an entrepreneurial-based group. He wants to ensure that his company has a unique culture. His company runs almost like family with the responsibilities of a company running along with it. Lavin enjoyed his financial consulting because he always envisioned himself apart of the business he owns. He went to school learning about finances and accounting. Sheldon Lavin originally started financing for the very first meat processing plant. The meat company was originally named Otto and Sons.

Otto and Sons were started by the Kolschowsky family. Lavin took over the company through being consistently involved. Taking over the company fully, he renamed to its current namesake. Sheldon Lavin desires for his company to become a world-class food processing enterprise. Lavin’s company is currently based in seventeen counties with over seventy facilities. His company works with protein products to vegetables and baked goods. Sheldon Lavin was born an innovated man. His company helped his innovated nature evolve to how it is today. He ensures that employees and their families are cared for. Lavin always makes sure that the employees are the main priority.

According to Sheldon, he treats his employees as his own family as well. The owner gives back to communities in need. He and his company are associated with several different charities. One of the bigger charities OSI Group, LLC works with is the Ronald McDonald House Charities. This adds to Lavin’s company long-standing history of supporting others to be charitable as well. Lavin wants to continue growing his company. He desires that OSI Group get that world-class status. The goal of the company is to become a global leader in the food industry. The CEO and Chairman will retire someday, but his company was strong employees. He knows his workers will help continue the company’s mission,

Donata Meirelles on Accessories that Add a Touch of Class to Your Everyday Look

Donata Meirelles is the queen of style and fashion in Brazil. If you want to know what is in vogue at any point in time, she is the one you should be looking for. Over the years, she has given endless fashion tips for different occasions, the weather, and even your everyday look.

All women know a pair of shoes can either kill your outfit or elevate it to the next level, especially if you are going for a sexy look. As a rule, you should never miss a pair of ankle boots in your wardrobe. As it is now, heeled leather ankle boots are a must-have.

The beauty of ankle boots is they can be worn with pretty much any outfit. Whether you are going for an official or casual look, ankle boots work either way. Consequently, you can wear them at the office, on a date, or even when just hanging out with your friends. As a rule of thumb, ankle boots in leather just never seem to go out of style. Read more Donata Meirelles at

Once you have your shoes chosen, which bag should you carry to complete your outfit? Well, Donata Meirelles says you can never go wrong with the classic handbag. The classic handbag is time proof and never goes out of style. If anything, it seems to pair up well with your everyday look. Whether you are going to the office or you have a couple of errands to run in town, the classic handbag has you sorted out. It comes with plenty of space to carry all your things in while also giving you that classy look.

Many people find it easy to dress for the summer. After all, summer is a happy time, and the weather tends to push you towards bold, bright colors that have a way of lifting your mood even if you were having a bad day. The challenge comes in winter when the weather is drab, and you are worried about keeping warm. Many tend to lose their sense of style.

Donata Meirelles has the perfect solution for you. To begin with, grab the classic trench coat. It’s stylish and keeps you warm at the same time. A classic pair of boots should also do the trick. Better yet, you can either go for heeled or flat boots depending on your mood and the occasion. Depending on your outfit, you can also play around with the color of your boots. Lastly, do not forget to add a splash of color to your outfit using a colored scarf. The scarf will keep you warm while adding a touch of class to complete your look.

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Betsy DeVos is a Determined Team Player

In 2017, Donald Trump rescinded a public policy from his predecessor that allowed transgender students to use the bathroom that matched the gender they identified with. Although Betsy DeVos was against the move in private, she did not make any public indication that there was a rift in the Trump Administration. She also met with a number of LGBT representatives from the U.S. Education Department to warn them of what was coming. Throughout the entire process, she remained diplomatic and civil. Even though Trump appointed her to her post almost as soon as he became President-Elect, individuals that knew her well from her home state of Michigan caution against simply believing that she will just be a yes-person within the administration or someone who will give up on her goals without a fight. Indeed, she has been described as “determined” and “steely” when she is chasing her goals.


This reputation for Betsy DeVos started many years ago, when she led the fight for her home state to become one of the main places for charter schools to develop. Indeed, because of the efforts of Betsy DeVos, Detroit is a city with one of the highest concentrations of charter schools within the nation. Meanwhile, the public schools within Detroit continue to go downhill. However, even though opponents of charter schools say that these school types deprive public schools of resources. Like Betsy DeVos, supporters of school choice believe that it gives poor families a choice to send their students to better schools if the public option is not very good.


Unfortunately, Mrs. DeVos had a bit of a rocky introduction to Washington. She had a very rough confirmation procedure, in which she was roundly criticized for noting how some teachers “should be armed to protect against grizzly bears.” Although she claimed the comment was made in jest, the late-night comedy schools had some fun with it to say the least. However, unlike President Trump she is able to laugh off the criticism even if she was privately irked about being portrayed the way she was. She simply noted that her confirmation was “a bit of a bear.”


So, how did she demonstrate that she is a team player? One of the ways she started was by immediately requesting meetings with the leaders of the two top education unions, Randi Weingarten of the American Federation of Teachers and Lilly Eskelsen Garcia, President of the National Education Association. Randi Weingarten returned the call and the two agreed they would visit some schools together. Either way, Betsy DeVos will continue to work on her goals and education will be shaped for the better in her image.


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New Residential Investment Corp Executive Michael Nierenberg

Mortgage lending is one of the keys to helping people attain homeownership. When looking to buy a home, a person will need to get funding to complete the purchase of a home. Home loans come in two distinct categories that many prospective borrowers should know about. The most common type of mortgage financing is qualified mortgages which are loan programs that meet government standards. While these programs are often beneficial, some borrowers are better off with an alternative option when looking to finance a home. This alternative is known as a non qualified mortgage which goes beyond the usual government standards. Michael Nierenberg of New Residential Investment Corp has been active in promoting this mortgage lending option to prospective borrowers.

For the past few years Michael Nierenberg of New Residential Investment Corp has been involved in recommending non qualified mortgage loan programs to both investor and homeowners. One of the things that he has done is introduce real estate investment trusts which have proven to help investors manage their capital. With real estate investment trusts, a number of investors have been able to make better decisions when looking to better allocate their capital in various real estate holdings. New Residential Investment Corp led by Michael Nierenberg has been among the most dependable entities when it comes to helping investors get consistent returns on real estate and mortgage backed assets.

Qualified mortgages have been a bit of a concern to a number of many individuals seeking a mortgage. These types of loans often have very rigid underwriting standards. As a result, a number of people have been denied a mortgage due to not meeting one of these particular guidelines. Borrowers such as foreign nationals, sellers of distressed properties and self employed individuals have been denied a mortgage. However, financial institutions such as New Residential Investment Corp led by Michael Nierenberg have been able to offer non qualified mortgages to these people. With the non qualified mortgages, these types of borrowers have been able to get the mortgage financing they need more easily. As a result, they have been able to successfully overcome one of the biggest obstacles to purchasing real estate.

Paul Mampilly Projects Good Things for Business in 2019

Paul Mampilly has some designs on the outcome of 2019 and he is letting investors know that the time is nigh to get in on the ground floor. Mampilly is an investment analyst who writes for Banyan Hill Publishing. He also appears on television and radio to offer his sage investment vice. What makes Mampilly a good voice to listen to is his extensive experience with stocks. Paul Mampilly served as a hedge fund and portfolio manager on Wall Street for years and is best known for increasing such holdings by millions. Here is what he has to say about 2019 and the future direction of business.

Big Data

Paul Mampilly sees 2019 as the year Big Data becomes available to all businesses no matter the size. Big Data refers to the massive amount of information available online. Big companies have the infrastructure and money available to sift through this data to better understand consumers and quality market products. This has been an advantage they have held for years. However, recent developments in technology are making Big Data easier for small companies to sift. This means smaller start ups business and mid-size businesses will be able to better understand their consumers. Mampilly not only sees this as a leveling of the playing field but a dynamic change.

Copying the Start Up

Recent years have seen an upheaval in the business world as many big names have fallen to the wayside. One reason for this is the changing trends of consumerism that have altered the marketing dynamic. Start up companies have flourished in this time as their innovative way of selling takes advancing technology and societal change into account. Paul Mampilly believes this trend is about to change. According to Mampilly, 2019 will see many big companies begin to emulate the tactics of successful start-up businesses. This means a lot more consumer-centered marketing as well as fresh lines of products suitable to today’s consumer base.


Mampilly also projects that politics will continue to be on the side of business. Since the election of Donald Trump the political field has been more kind to business and as his business tenure is not yet up it will continue to be. This will allow many companies to expand and grow in a very fertile market. This meant that there is no better time than the present for investors to buy in.

Gustavo Martinez’s Thoughts On The Marketing Industry

 Gustavo Martinez has spent almost four decades in the marketing and advertising industry. During that time, he’s seen quite a few marketing trends come and go; furthermore, he’s gained an extensive amount of knowledge about how to be successful in the industry.

Throughout this time, he’s been behind a variety of iconic ads that have become pop-culture touchstones. He’s also served as the CEO J. Walter Thompson Worldwide, and served as President of a few notable global marketing firms; the biggest of these have been McCann Worldgroup, Olgilvy, and Mather.

Before any of these roles, however, he began making his name in the likes of Henkel and Price Waterhouse. Because of these positions, as well as how long he’s been in the industry, Gustavo Martinez has come across a few notable trends in the marketing industry. Read more: Gustavo Martinez | Crunchbase

Chief among these have been a variety of trends that have come and gone, with very few of them sticking. One of the current ones that are exciting Mr. Martinez, however, has been the ever-increasing Internet of Things. This is because Gustavo Martinez believes that it could open up a range of new marketing ideas and strategies for his clients.

As an example, Mr. Martinez used ice-cream. By properly utilizing the Internet of Things, marketing specialists and brands will be able to determine when people are most likely to run low on ice-cream and thus advertise their brand then.

As Gustavo Martinez noted, if done correctly this could be something that pays off dividends for brands. By combining it with other features, brands will be able to enable purchase and delivery all without a customer having to leave their fridge. Because of that, the Internet of Things can end up having quite a substantial impact on marketing and retail over the long term.

However, Mr. Martinez has noted that like many other marketing forms, this will require a few key traits to pull off well. When asked what entrepreneurs need to make their marketing successful, Gustavo Martinez always points to creativity.

This is because he often says that it’s the raw material from which all marketing campaigns are created. Because of this, Mr. Martinez has said that it’s vital to ensure an atmosphere of creativity in the workplace, which can end up having a significant impact on the quality of your marketing.

In his own companies, Gustavo Martinez has accomplished this by pushing for diversity of thought, background, and experience among all of his team. With this, he’s able to get a range of more ideas and perspectives that can end up helping provide the spark needed for a campaign. As such, they can help improve a teams overall creativity and productivity with their marketing strategies.

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Q&A with Gustavo Martinez, Marketing and Advertising Consultant


A Quiet Powerful Force Behind Roc Nation: Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez has been a powerful force behind the Roc Nation label working as the Chief Operating Officer for the entertainment company. She has helped to contribute to many of the successes of the Roc Nation label and has helped with assisting Jay-Z in expanding his businesses for years prior to the development of the label. The list of ways in which Desiree Perez contributes to the label and entertainment company is endless. She helps the company by coordinating and producing tours, she helps by developing promotional strategies along with negotiating with big-time companies. The success that her negotiating abilities have brought to the label and entertainment company has proven that negotiating is one of her expertise.

Desiree Perez has brought Roc Nation major success by negotiating with some of the worlds top companies like Samsung for the promotion of a tour, a multi-million dollar investment from Sprint for a new platform to be created for the label and entertainment company, and a multi-million dollar signing deal with Live Nation. She has helped to produce some of the most successful tours and has been the negotiator behind some of the labels most successful deals. She has brought the label and entertainment company much success it is no surprise that she has recently been ranked on Billboards 2019 Power 100.Desiree Perez

Desiree Perez along with her Roc Nation family have been ranked on Billboards Power 100 for the success of Jay-z’s recent album 4:44. Desiree Perez has contributed greatly to the success of the album by using her negotiating expertise to negotiate an investment that helped to push the album towards success. Desiree Perez is an excellent negotiator and a major force behind the Roc Nation label and entertainment company.

Matthew Fleeger Oil Company

Matthew Fleeger holds the position of the President and CEO of Gulf Coast Western, LLC. The company takes pride in combining resources, talent, and to develop domestic oil and gases located in the gulf region of America. They tend to focus on enterprises that are well developed structures. The Gulf Coast Western website states, “At Gulf Coast Western, we attribute our success over the years to the open and transparent relationships we have always maintained with our accredited partners – relationships built on mutual trust and respect earned through operating with honesty and integrity.”

The business was founded in 1970. The company is based from Texas and is also a family owned business. The company now holds locations at Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Colorado. Gulf Coast Western has hundreds of square miles of property right in Southern Louisiana. Here they are working on 13 producing wells, 140 drilling locations with 30 million barrels of oil.

Gulf Coast Western’s partnerships have expanded the footprints of Southern Louisiana. They have acquired 50 percent of working interest and assets in partnering with Northcote. The Louisiana’s Beauregard Parish produces more than 4 million barrels of oil. They are partnered with several different companies that have widened their variety of oil and gas locations.

Matthew Fleeger is known for his professional expertise in gas and oil. He has been recognized for his wonderful qualities such as, strategic planning, team building, contract negotiation and entrepreneurial abilities.

Prior to his success at Gulf Coat Western, Matthew also founded MedSoultions Inc. There he specializes in transportation, disposal, and treatment of medical wastes. He was the CEO and president of this company for 13 years. He sold this company after 13 years. He also founded his own tanning business. The revenue approached $100 million. It is one of the largest tanning franchises in the world.

Dabie Tsai Envisions the Future of Accounting

As technology continues to advance, the future of accounting also changes. Most professions in the world have been affected by the introduction of advanced technology. Accounting industry expert Dabie Tsai predicts that the evolving cognitive technology will continue being a big driver of change in the field. She says that fascinating developments are taking place in the field of accounting. She specifically cites machine learning as one of the main agents of change in the near future.

Machine learning, in this case, is the creation, development, and employment of AI (artificial intelligence) to automate functions by use of identifiable patterns. It allows computers to read and use data to perform tasks using trial and error. Dabie Tsai worked at KPMG for 23 years and knows for sure that this technology is evolving from repetitive tasks like basic analysis and data entry to advanced predictive/analytical tasks. This means that technology in the future will become more and more efficient.

There is a growing worry that as automation increases in the workplace, there will be a reduced need for employees. However, this is not necessarily the case. Dabie Tsai says that the machines will work on remedial tasks while humans will be given more time to exercise expert judgment. She says that such changes are improvements to the workplace and job satisfaction as a whole.

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